Sunday, December 22, 2013

Moving Forward . . .

What a weekend this has been.  Yesterday was just not a great day no matter how you shake it.

I did have some heartening news about my Canon G11 camera - I realized it's still under warranty, so I sent it back to the factory to see if they will replace the lens.  But that was about it on the happy possibilities front.

And yet . . .  I'm very sure that everything that has occurred in these last three weeks is all part of making space in my life for whatever is coming.  As I've said before - change is sometimes challenging.  And yet, if we can't change, we get stuck.  And if we get stuck . . . well, I'm sure you see where that analogy is going.  So, I keep moving forward.  Sometimes it's just looking for the next right step - no master plan, just the next right thing, one after another until I can find my footing and regroup.

Shedding the past and moving into the present.  I've been thinking about this lot - I have been living a bit in the future rather than the here and now.  Something for me to work on  :-)

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