Thursday, December 26, 2013

Looking for the Balance . . .

I know I said I wanted to be living more in the present . . .  ;-)  I do.  I am.  But, it doesn't stop me from thinking about 2014 - particularly during these last days of the year.  I don't make resolutions anymore - but I do think about goals and things I would like to accomplish.

One of the things I have been seriously thinking about again is "A Year With My Yarn."  This is project I made up a couple of years ago - I've tried it before and not been particularly successful.  But I think 2014 is my year!  What is it?  It's me, looking at knitting with yarn I already have.  I don't choose to think of it as a "yarn diet."  We all know that the D word can really color an experience of any sort - so I prefer to think of it as A Year With My Yarn :-)  (I'm including fiber in this - I have plenty to spin up right here before I think about acquiring any more.)  I already know that I will have six skeins of yarn coming in next year because I treated myself to a membership in the Rockin' Sock Club again for 2014.  But other than that . . . well, I'm all about the balance in 2014, so I'm just going to take it day by day and use the yarn I already have.  It's time for my stash to become manageable again  :-)

I got a LOT accomplished with Project Zero for the last three months of the year, and that will continue in some format online in the Fish Knits Ravelry Group, but the Project Zero page here on the blog will go away.  I mean, I will certainly mention it from time to time, but I originally planned for it to just be a 3-month project, and the end of the three months will be here in less than a week.  I can let that go.  (Yay Me!!)

In addition, here is something that I have realized:  I try to do too much.  OMG I just crack myself up.  Are the tears running down your face from laughter yet?  :-D  :-D  Sometimes I'm not able to see the patently obvious . . . I try to do too much.  People have been telling me this for years.  :-D  Here's a good example - When I was actively participating in my 365 Project, I posted on the 365 site, but then felt like I had to post here, too.  Same thing with Project Zero - I started it in the YOSS Group on Ravelry, and then decided I had to chronicle it here, too. 

Double the work . . .

So, in looking for the balance in 2014, do I really need to do everything twice?  I think I can safely say that I don't.  I can and I will share stuff here - that's what this blog is for, but I no longer feel compelled to chronicle everything in multiple places.  I think this is a good thing  :-)   Good for me because it will be easier and I'll have more time to write, and good for you because you'll have links to other interesting websites  :-)  Win-win!!  Yay!!

Speaking of my 365 Project - I did get a new camera, a Fujifilm Finepix SL300, and I actually picked my 365 Project back up in these last few weeks of the year and likely will continue into 2014 again.  And I'll be sharing some of the photos here from time to time, but if you want to follow my life in photos, I invite you to the 365 Project website.  I'm on there as Annie97 - here is a link to my 365 Project and there is one over on the sidebar now  :-)  I also sent my Canon G11 in for repair, as mentioned last week - and I'm really hoping they can replace the lens because I liked it better than I like the Fuji.

I'm still - for the most part - an ovo-pescetarian.  The Strict Program for Three Months has pretty much become my way of life - so that will be continuing on in 2014.  I continue to look for the balance there as I could stand to be smaller, but the good news is that I have found that, for the most part, I don't enjoy eating the way I used to eat.  I do enjoy a good cheeseburger once in awhile (and that's like a couple three times a year which the doc says is A-OK), but that's about it.  French fries taste gross and too many sweets make me feel ill and trigger flare ups of inflammation.  So - I think I have done well in finding the balance here.  I could use some work on variety in my food, but I feel like I've got a good grasp on the day-to-day piece, and I'm pretty much off the anti-inflammatory drug I used to have to take because of the changes I've made this year.  Yay Me!!!!

So, those are the things I've been thinking about as I look toward the new year.  What about you?


Michelle said...

It all sounds good to me! I do repeat myself in various locations sometimes, but use "copy" and "paste" to minimize the work and time.

A :-) said...

I'm sure I will continue to repeat myself from time to time, but I would very much like to have more time to do other stuff - stuff that's been languishing for awhile now . . . ;-)

candy said...

They say never talk politics or religion with friends so I keep my facebook posts general and put the other posts on my blog lol