Tuesday, May 17, 2011

137:365 Robin Red Breast

This isn't a very good photo, but this momma robin built her nest and laid her eggs behind my garage light and I just I love that she's there! Every time I come out the front door or open the garage, she flies away, and then returns when I'm far enough away.

Tonight I got relatively close on my way home from the office, and used the zoom. I managed a couple of shots before she took off. At this time of year, I usually turn off the porch and garage lights before I leave for work - but I've been leaving them on because even though it's a fluorescent bulb, I think it gives off a little bit of heat.

I hope that the babies hatch and are healthy. And once they fly away, it's time for me to power wash the house and Windex the light fixtures - the joys of being a homeowner :-D


candy t said...

I love it!! Soon you will have baby Robins chirping :-)

Sandra said...

How fun for you. I too found four blue eggs in an old nest on top of the electric meter today. A little while later mama came home and sat on them and she looks so contented. Enjoy!!