Saturday, May 14, 2011

What a Day . . .

Today my cousins came over to help me with my yard. I finally had to get some Weed and Feed - the Creeping Charlie and the Dandelions are at the point of critical mass. So, I went and got that stuff and used my little hand spreader and got the entire front and back done. I sure hope it works. I can't put grass seed down for at least three weeks now - but I will as soon as I can to fill in in some spots.

My other cousin came over too, and brought his weed whacker and hedge trimmer. All was going well . . . can you tell where this is actually going?

Just as he was finishing up, and had, in fact, taken his finger off the button, somehow he got the tip of his right index finger caught in the blade.

I will spare you the details other than to say that my other cousin, ME, who is generally in charge, was freaked out by the amount of blood. I'm not quite sure how I was as calm as I was - but we got it under water and put some Purell on it (OMG - that hurt like a youknowwhat), and I wrapped it in a clean tea towel and grabbed some gel ice for him to hold over it and keep the pressure on, and we piled into the car and drove to Urgent Care.

So, our visit to Urgent Care, an X-Ray and three stitches later, I am reminded why it's so important for everyone to have health care. I am reminded that it is a worthy fight to push for health care for everyone. My cousin currently does not have insurance - the choice was to drive to Oak Forest and sit and bleed in the ER waiting room for probably 8 or 9 hours, or take him to urgent care as a "personal pay." The man was bleeding. And it was really painful, because he was also bellowing - and he's a pretty big guy.

We paid the deposit they required, and I paid for his antibiotic. When the bill comes we'll find a way to figure it out.

I'm so sorry he got hurt - but I remember after my mom died that I caught everything that went around for the next year. In fact, I got the flu (the real flu) three times that winter. I know that the stress of losing his mom is causing this stuff, but it doesn't make it any easier - and it really makes it harder for him in his job search - he was his late mom's primary care-giver, and has been out of the workforce for some time.

If you are inclined to pray, would you please say one for him? And help me set the intention that his job search will be fast and fruitful. :-) Thank you very much.


Michelle said...

Oh dear - oh, ow!

candy t said...

Absolutely. Sending prayers.

A :-) said...

Thanks Candy :-)