Sunday, May 29, 2011

149:365 Memories . . .

When I lived in Germany, everyone had a balcony, and all the balconies had window boxes (bannister boxes?) and they all had red vining geraniums and white petunias in them.

I try to make hanging baskets every year to hang on either side of my garage at the front of my house. And I always use vining geraniums and white petunias :-) Here's one basket about ready to go - I managed to get them both done, and the porch flowers, before the storm :-)

Yes, another storm - bad enough just south of me to have the EAS come on the telly (that's the Emergency Alert System) and say to take cover if you lived in one of the areas. I didn't have to take cover, though.

I got everything done today with the plants Linda and I purchased yesterday. The only thing I still need, is one clay pot to fit in the metal dog that one of my friends got me for my deck when I first moved here. I got coleus to plant in it, but the pot I got is too big.

Here's another hanging basket view. I certainly hope I can keep them alive. I have been known to forget to water them . . . They really do bring back happy memories of a simpler time :-)


candy t said...

Beautiful!!! I haven't put anything outside except tomatoes. I guess I should get busy!

A :-) said...

Thanks Candy - I never got to make them last year, so I was happy to get over to the nursery on Saturday and glad that Sunday was warm enough to be outside!