Sunday, May 22, 2011

142:365 View from the Hammock

I power-washed the deck and the gazebo, scubbed the yard furniture and got it all out, trimmed the back yews, filled the bird feeder, scrubbed the security door screens and changed out the storms for them, washed the grill and hauled it around back and up on the deck, and then hauled the propane tank.

My shoes and socks are wet and I'm a sweatpig. I think I deserve my little hammock break . . . and now it's thundering. Glad I got everything done early on - Bring on Memorial Day Weekend and let the Summer Begin!


Michelle said...

I should SAY you deserve a little hammock break! That's a lot to check off a to-do list in one day.

Auntea said...

So glad I was catching up on my reading this morning. What a perky, cheerful song to start my day. I wonder if iTunes has that one. Hope you got a little catnap before the storm blew in.

A :-) said...

It's an old song - but you never know, iTunes might have it! I keep it in rotation on my iPod, on a playlist called "Songs that Make Me Smile." :-)