Saturday, May 28, 2011

148:365 Watermelon Wine

This is a streptocarpus. Its name is Watermelon Wine. Streptocarpus plants are in the same family as the African violet (gesneriad). Sort of a cousin, if you will. I grow five of them in addition to my violets.

I really love the blossoms on this one - they are a good size, at least 2 inches in diameter, and they are quite unique in their markings. It is an older variety, not seen alot. I got the plant a few years ago at the Missouri Valley annual show and sale.

What a great day I had today! My friend, Linda the Chicken Lady (who is currently chickenless) came over to hang out. We got some knitting done, and then drove over to Alsip Nursery to see if she could find a water lily she wanted, and if I could get some vining geraniums and petunias for my hanging baskets. Score! All the way around. We came back with everything we both wanted. And what an amazing and huge place Alsip is. I mean, WOW! They have everything there!! I even got some some accessories that I hope to use in some designs for the Illinois State African violet show!

And then, we met my cousin, ME for lunch and a glass of wine at one of our favorite places, Fresh Starts. Yum! By the time we got back home, it was 3 o'clock! A little more knitting, and then Linda headed home to the north side.

In other news of the day - the baby robins have hatched!! I have not been successful in getting a photo of them poking their little beaky heads up out of the nest, but I've seen them multiple times. They are way cute.

It's still frickin' cold here . . . tomorrow it's supposed to be warm. I'll believe it when I see/feel it. I'm going to put my hanging baskets together tomorrow, though, so I do hope it will be a nice day :-)


Michelle said...

The only part the weatherman got right in today's forecast is that it hasn't rained. But it's been cool, grey and breezy all day, and FEELS like it could rain at any moment. My Sakaki shawlette felt good on yesterday and today (church yesterday, funeral today).

That flower is quite stunning, and you photographed it beautifully!

A :-) said...

Thanks Michelle :-)