Wednesday, March 6, 2013

64:365 Still There

This was taken this morning from my front porch. You can see where I got tired last night and had to stop. And of course another inch fell over what I managed to get done. I spent another hour tonight and it's pretty much clear now - enough to get the car out anyway.


Michelle said...

Do you have to use your car to get to work, or can you walk to mass transit?

A :-) said...

No, I walk to the train (which is amazing and wonderful :-) ), but I needed to get the car out today, so I had to finish what I could last night, and then I salted. Now I'm out of salt - well, ice melter. I'm going to have to hope they still have some at the hardware store. Either that or that the snow is done for the season . . . but this is Chicago. I'm prolly gonna need some more ice melter.

candy said...

With the warmer temps it's starting to melt. Hope yours melts soon!