Sunday, March 24, 2013

You Learn Something New Every Day

Alrighty then.

I pulled out the box of "instant" steel cut oats that I have (because I used up the regular ones in a recipe).  It's McCann's and according to the package directions, you're supposed to be able to make them in the microwave.

I followed the directions . . .



And when what's left cools off, you get a midget-size frisbee!!


How the hell did they think you could cook these in the microwave?!

It was faster to just cook them on the stove - where they STILL bubbled out under the lid - and they took about the same time as the microwave directions.  I'll use up this box and then just buy the can of the real thing again.  I only eat them on weekends anyway, so there's plenty of time to cook them.

Always learning  :-D


Diane said...

LOL. I cook my morning oats in a four cup glass measuring cup no lid or anything for about 2 to 2 1/2 minutes apx. for 1/2 cup without a problem. It rises up while cooking but the sides are high enough it doesn't spill out.

candy said...

Microwaves are an endless source of surprises. Just the other day I discovered that brussels sprouts reheated in the microwave explode! Sorry I had to laugh at the mini frisbee.