Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's St. Patrick's Day!

I have had a most productive weekend.

I finished the major knitting on my St. Brigid sweater, and the four pieces are now blocking on the guestroom floor.  Once they are dry, I will do the seaming and then pick up the stitches for the neck and collar.  It's nearly done!!!!!

I watched all my Netflix. (Lark Rise to Candleford, how I love you!)

I got five loads of laundry done (the last of which is in the dryer as I type).

I'm on the home stretch of knitting on my second Christmas sock.  Guess I will be able to wear them NEXT Christmas  :-D

I wove two more mug rugs on my loom.

I finished some photos that I took last weekend of hem stitching for weaving and emailed them off to my class teacher so he can use them, if he chooses, in his handout - and discovered that I remembered incorrectly from my class last week and was doing it wrong.  Good thing I looked at them!  (I don't think my error will make any difference on the mug rugs I wove.)

I got my Podcast put together, filmed, edited and uploaded.

I walked on the treadmill.

And I've cooked and eaten well all weekend long.

Setting the intention that I would love being an Ovo-Pescetarian was a good plan, because, so far, I do!  It has already made a big difference in how I feel, in just under four days.  Plus, I must have been holding on to a LOT of water in my system, because I've been peeing like a race horse for the past three days  :-D  (Sorry - probably TMI - oh well  ;-D).

Here is a photo of my haul from last weekend.  You'll notice how restrained I was  :-)  Last year's stash busting really had an effect on me, I guess.  The only yarn in the photo is the skein I entered in the skein competition.  I entered this one in "Best Use of Color," and I won that class!  That was exciting!!  The blue polar fleece socks were my door prize.  I have no idea what I will do with them, but I thought they were pretty cute and they actually do fit my feet  :-D

The black and purple is Merino/Bamboo from Gail White, and the blue/green/purple silk was from A Twist in Time, as was the glitz.  The three cones are weaving yarn (Bamboo) that I got from Hillcrest Fibers, and that thing in the back?  That's a hackle that I picked up from Diana Armes Wallace.  I took her blending class last fall at Fiber Daze and have been wanting my own hackle ever since. The fibers I bought I bought specifically to try my hand at blending again  :-)

The last thing is a little pin that is sitting on my yarn.  You can't see it very well, but it's silk ribbon embroidery.  I liked Carol Hagen's class so much last year that I took it again!

Fiber Retreat 2013

 It took me all week to recover from being away for a few days - I didn't build in a recovery day this trip.  Probably a mistake . . . still, I had a wonderful time.  And I made up for any lost time with this weekend.  I'm also making an effort to sleep more - which undoubtedly is having a good effect on me and my energy. 

Like I said, I had a very productive weekend  :-)  And now I'm off to meet my crazy family at some Irish bar for St. Pat's.  :-D


Michelle said...

Wow, your weekend left me breathless, I have I hours of daylight left here!

A :-) said...

I really crammed a lot into this weekend. Next weekend I'm sort of hoping to crash and maybe actually FINISH my St. Brigid. :-)