Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 1

I've been an Ovo-Pescetarian for a week now. I'm going to abbreviate this as O-P, because every time I type Ovo-Pescetarian, I nearly always type Ovo-Pescetarina, which makes me laugh and think about dancing with fish and eggs, but is most likely only funny to me  :-D

Anyway - I set the intention last week that I would love being an O-P and that I would wonder why I didn't do it sooner. So far, so good.  :-)

I lost 10.4 pounds this week. Of course we all know that a very large portion of that had to be water - I must have been holding on to a LOT of it, and I lost quite a bit of that in the first few days or so.  I do realize that I will not have a loss like that every week - after all, this is not the Biggest Loser - but it was certainly a great morale booster and a great jump start for me on the scale, dropping me below a number that I've been struggling with for some time.  I am feeling pretty good about it all. :-)

As requested, I have dialed down my morning cardio to 30 minutes so that I can sleep for an extra 30 minutes (I could be doing better with the cardio - I only got three days in last week instead of four).  I have made a concerted effort with this because I was just not getting enough sleep.  I am feeling pretty good about this change and I've been tracking my sleep with my Fitbit, so that is helping me gauge what I need to be doing in that regard, and I'm doing it.  I was averaging maybe 6 1/2 hours most nights, and now I'm much closer to 8 most nights and I'm sleeping better.

I'm also tracking my food on my Fitbit page.  The dietitian suggested that I not count WW points as I'm getting used to eating this way, but I felt like I needed to track somehow, so accounting for stuff on Fitbit is working well, and and I'm able to see calories throughout the day and plan accordingly for the evening.  I could be eating more vegetables, but I'm certainly eating a lot more veggies than I was before, so that's all good.

Even though the program I'm on is pretty strict, so far I'm really not having much difficulty adhering to it.  I definitely thought it would be harder to do than it has been so far.  Yesterday was the first day that I did not bring my lunch (because I ran out of time in the morning), so I got to go and get shrimp sushi and steamed edamame at Tokyo Box, which is always a treat.  Of course, it was like the coldest day EVER here yesterday (and today, too), but I bundled up and toddled on over anyway.   Yum!

I have not had the time to make the beet and carrot soup yet, but I went to the store tonight and got most of what I think are the necessary ingredients. Prolly I should have actually checked the recipe before I went, but I had another errand to do and I wanted to get both accomplished.

It's been an interesting week, too.  I have learned that ground up flax seed is not a good accompaniment to plain pasta.  More importantly, however, I have learned (or maybe was reminded) that I must have real protein for breakfast.  On Wednesday I did not, and found myself - two thirds of the way to the kitchen -  holding on for dear life to the front of a work station, relatively sure I was going to sink to the floor unconcious. I was literally seeing stars.  I do have relatively low blood pressure (after this event it was 106/60) and I do have to be careful of getting up too fast, but usually that's from a lying down position to standing rather than just from sitting to standing.  On Wednesday I didn't have any real protein at breakfast and I didn't have my morning snack in a timely manner.  So, for me, no protein in the morning apparently equals the distinct possibility of losing consciousness upon standing up at some point before having my morning snack.  I'd like to avoid that in the future because I'm reasonably sure if you pass out at work, they probably have to call 911.  I'd seriously like to avoid that.  For sure.

Those are my two best lessons/learnings so far.

Week 2, here I come!   :-)


candy said...

Wow yes, please don't pass out! Glad it's working out ok for you otherwise

Judy Whitehead said...

My "normal" blood pressure runs around 98/65. I'm going to have to go google your new eating plan as I have no idea what it is.

Diane said...

Wow, you are doing great! (Except for almost fainting :-) I tried tofu for the first time and amazing how it soaks up the flavors around it. I am going to try it crumbled in an omelet next.