Sunday, March 10, 2013

67:365 I'm WEAVING!!!


This is my sample - some tabby, some herringbone, a test with variegated yarn and with some solid. 72 warp threads, 10 dent reed - cotton rug yarn warp in dark green, and Peaches & Cream cotton for weft.


Michelle said...

It all looks fabulous!

candy said...

Nice! I like the red one

A :-) said...

That was just the sample - I actually wove three mug rugs (although mine are a little large because I had a 10 dent reed instead of a 12 like everyone else. I probably have enough warp for 9 more :-D I'm going to be playing :-)

If you're interested in weaving and see a beginning class with Jeff Reynolds - jump on it. He's awesome!

Diane said...

Very pretty colors and sample. You did a great job!