Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dog on the Loom

Yesterday I had a weaving lesson from PatsyZ.   

I took a class from someone in Michigan this summer, but there's nothing like working with a teacher who understands how I learn and whose style is similar to my own.  Patsy's been my spinning teacher for a number of years, and she was a weaver before she was a spinner - seemed like a no-brainer that she would be the person to really teach me how to weave. 

We cut off the warp that I had wound in Michigan - Dog on the Loom is a technical term (really  :-D), that's what they call it when you cut warp off.  I didn't want to make mug rugs anyway, besides which the yarns were icky together.

We worked from 2 until 7.  Yes, really.  She has de-mystified the math that is part and parcel of using a loom.  Yay!!  I wound my first Wollmeise warp for a scarf, and am in the process of warping the loom.  She's coming back soon for another lesson, and I'm going to be really weaving in no time at all  :-)  I prefer the look of plain weave so far . . . the look of overshot gives me vertigo.

Can't tell you how much better I feel about the entire process.  Of course, the sunroom is looking more and more like a studio instead of an actual room in my home.  At least this half of it does  :-D  Might be time for some focused straightening up in there.  But for now, I'd better focus and get downstairs and walk.

Chilly here today - could be time for the Industrial Strength Hat.


Michelle said...

Weaving is one of those things that I have no desire to learn or do, but more power to you to follow a dream and learn something new! (Oh, I rhyme! Guess I'm just a "goloofa" - which is my WV, ha. :-)

A :-) said...

Michelle, I'm really excited about it!