Saturday, January 28, 2012

Here We Go!

Some of last night's work - mostly species.  It's very easy to tell which two plants are hybrids.  Care to make a guess:  :-)

Species Jan 2012

Here's my messy potting bench, waiting for me to get back downstairs!  One great thing that my ex did:  make this potting bench for me, and make it left-handed.  I did all the finish work (painting and sanding), but he built it.  It continues to serve me well..

Potting Bench Jan 2012

The result of inconsistent care . . . crowns that have to be restarted and leaves that haven't actually propagated yet.

Violets Jan 2012_01

More later - I've learned now that I can't stand on hard concrete (just standing - it's brutal)  for more than a couple of hours at a time, even with the new mat.  So, it was time to take a break :-)  And now, it's time to change my shoes for the next round (another precaution - I really baby the tootsies) and get back downstairs :-D

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