Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Within . . .

New year, new look, new hair, new photo.  Same content  :-)

And isn't that true about pretty much everything?  I can change it up 16 ways from Sunday, and I'm still who I am on the inside.  I still have this same spirit and this same attitude.  And yet, it's good to change it up sometimes  :-) 

Been thinking and thinking about goals and the words "reasonable" and "achievable."  And I've documented a few of mine for 2012 on a page (you can see the header up above (Blogger has this new behind the scenes interface that is similar to Wordpress now).

Foremost, I think, is the size of my ass.  Need I say anything more about that right now?  I think not.  I know what to do - and I'm doing it.  I wanted to do some measurements today (you know, measurable goals  :-) ), and would you believe that I cannot find the tape measure?!  It's here in this office somewhere . . . and I just can't find it at the present moment.  

One of the things I usually do on New Years Eve, is read the runes.  They are an oracle of the self (not a fortune-telling device) similar to the I Ching.   I have a couple other oracles that I use as well - All are introspective - after all, it's what inside - what we already know - that is often the most important guidance.  God sends his angels in all forms  :-)

And so, for me this reading was all about letting go of the past - how fitting, huh?  :-)  About cycles and rhythms, energy levels, compassion for myself along the path, about being, rather than doing, and about nourishing my soul, mind and heart with whatever brings me inspiration.

Wow - it could not have been a more fitting confirmation that this path to my self that I have been on is, indeed, the correct path for me.  Yay, Me!

Have you heard me talk about letting the past go before?  Probably.  How come?   How come we're talking about this again?   Didn't you get it right the first time, A?  Aren't you perfect, A?  Those words are hard to write . . . and I'm going to talk about perfectionism another day.  For now - what I know so far in my life, is that apparently, stuff you think you've worked through and dealt with, often comes back up at a new stage in your life so you can work it through and deal with it again.  Things change as we go through life . . . so here I am, letting go again.

And the angel to travel with me at this time of release (what an awesome word :-) ) is the Angel of Freedom.  I love that - letting go, releasing that which no longer serves me and freeing myself to become myself.  Shedding and renewal - I'm so ready.

The picture on the Angel Card is of an angel on the beach, with the sun shining, her angelic robes folded neatly on the sand and her wings open, halo in place - as she prepares to skinny dip!  :-D  She's obviously comfortable with her body - a good omen of things to come for me, I think.

Happy New Year, one and all.  My intention for you is all good things in 2012.  Find what makes your heart sing, and then dance like no one is watching . . .  :-)


SusanB-knits said...

Happy New Year to you!

Priscilla said...

Hello! I love reading your is a true inspiration to me! You have the same zest for life and smile as Maureen did! I too love to knit and I bought a spinning wheel years ago-took a few lessons and bought 2 spools of wool!Someday I will spin my own yarn. I too need to drop 40/50 lbs and do alot of walking. I need knee replacements so I can't jog anymore:( Keep blogging as I love to read yours and be inspired! God Bless You!!

Michelle said...

Love the new photo, blog changes, and YOU. :-)

Happy New Year!

Debbie said...

You look fabulous and happy in your new photo. I am sure you are quite ready for a fabulous 2012.

A :-) said...

Cilla?! Is that you?! :-) I think it must be because you mention mom :-) How awesome that you found my blog!

Cilla said...

lol! yes it is! Your writing is very inspirational to me:)You have an awesome outlook on life and such energy!! I love knitting and quilting. I knit socks on 4 dp needles. I have a weaving loom in storage-maybe this spring I should bring it home and see how it works-it's wide enough to make rugs.Your house is beautiful. I love your new look and coloring. I remember you wore a grape/deep purple lip gloss in the 70's/80's? I always loved that color on you! Please keep blogging-your writing is excellent and interesting and inspirational to me :)

Kristyn said...

It is so true how our baggage does seem to keep coming up even when we feel that we have dealt with it. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012.