Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's 4 O'Clock!

Sometimes, you just need a day to catch up. 

I've been working on getting Christmas back into boxes and down to the basement.  I've got most of it done, but my feet are tired and it was time to take a break  :-)

Yesterday I had my semi-annual lunch with my high school friend, R.  High school was not a great time for me - it's safe to say that I did not peak there . . . R. is the only friend I keep in touch with from those years.  We are a week apart in age - and I the elder.  She delights in reminding me that I'm older than she is  ;-D

We always go to Gibson's in Rosemont (don't get the New York Strip - it's not as good as their other steak choices) and spend a leisurely 3 hours or so (it's never seriously crowded there for lunch on a Saturday, and we always tip the waiter really well), getting caught up on each other's life.  We go every year around our birthdays, and then again around Christmas. 

Usually, we have Pear Blossom martinis and dessert, but since both of us are focused on shrinkage, we ate relatively healthily.  Well, R did - I could have done better  :-D

I gotta tell ya - R and I look way better than a lot of our classmates . . . I don't know if it was good genes, or that we just took better care of ourselves over the years, but we congratulate ourselves about this every year. 

Here's to us.  Who's like us?   Damn few!  :-)

And then, my cousin, ME, invited me over for dinner.  Some of her long-time friends (I know them, too  :-) ), were coming for a girls' night, and I was very happy to go because they are flung to the four winds and having everyone in one place is a rare occurrence.

We had so much fun together!

I was supposed to have a dulcimer lesson this afternoon, but there was a plan change, so I've got a load of laundry in, and I'm about to roast some Brussels Sprouts (if they haven't gone over in the crisper) for dinner.  It's warm in Chicagoland - in the 40's again.  In January.  Not normal.

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