Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a Tradition . . .

The annual New Year's Day sale at The Fold has become a kind of tradition.  This year, I met my friends Linda the Chicken Lady, and Joan out at Woodfield, and we drove the rest of the way in my car together.

We had the BEST TIME!!!

And guess what I got!

Wait for it . . . .

A Schacht Winding Stand!!!  Already put together!!!!   On Sale!!!!!!  Wheeeeee!!!!!  Oh, and some Addi Turbo's size 4's, and two bars of Olive Leaf soap and a little terry bag to use as a soap mitt.

Nope, no yarn.

Oh - I also got some books from the garage sale part of the sale - which was great.  I won't be keeping them - they will go to good use in the YOSS group throughout the year.

No, I told you already, I didn't get any yarn.

It was the chilliest day of winter so far, I think - I only wore a fleecy vest, so my arms were cold on my trips back forth to the auto.

Linda attempted to give me some weaving yarn!  I would very much like to have it because it's all cotton and I could make some dish towels with it - but I asked her to hold on to it for me a little while longer.  I just got my stash all put together and didn't want to add another huge amount so early in the Slash & Smash Your Stash challenge.

Once we were done shopping, we drove back to Woodfield and went to the Gaylord for the Indian buffet.  Yum!!!

Happy girls  :-)  We had just a super day!

And no, seriously - I'm not kidding - I didn't buy any yarn   :-D


Michelle said...

Not even for ME?!? ;-)

A :-) said...

You didn't tell me you wanted yarn :-D

Fujiyamamama said...

It was a fun day, thanks again for including me!

P.S. She really did not buy any yarn!

A :-) said...

Joan, so glad you were able to come with!! :-)