Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Just a Number . . .

I am a Lark in the Morning. 

I really am.  And I'm nearly caffeine-free.  This means that once I hit the tired wall, I have to go to bed.  I go to bed at 9 p.m. so I can get up at 5 a.m. and walk on the treadmill.  Today, because it's a federal holiday,  I have a day off (Yay!), so I met with my awesome trainer at the club this morning instead of in the evening.  O.M.G.  it is so amazing to work out in the morning!

I shared my 2012 goals and intentions with him and we strategized while he was pounding my ass.  Well, actually he was making me do 60 push ups and then do planks  :-D 

Here is something I know:  When you set the intention for something, things fall right into place in the most amazing and serendipitous ways . . .  Both of our schedules are very fluid and we've been trying different evenings lately, trying to find the best times.  In the past he hasn't been available for an early morning workout, but now, in the new year, guess what?  :-)

So, Wednesday will see me at 5:45 a.m., at the club, ready to work out.  I am so excited about this!  When I get home from work, I am usually wiped out - so freeing up two evenings a week is just huge for me.  Yay!!  We talked about how I would really need to attack this issue with all the focus and energy I have.

One of the other things we discussed was my plan to do a video once a week.  He suggested one of my yoga tapes (see how this stuff all falls into place?!).  We also discussed my shrinkage goal.  30 pounds by April 23rd seemed achievable until he said it was 16 weeks - and then, all of a sudden, I got a little scared.  Women's bodies change as we age - I don't know yet if 2 pounds a week is realistic - I hope it is, and if I'm doing what I need to do to take care of myself, it should be. My trainer thinks it is, but he also knows me pretty well and he wants me to succeed as much as I want me to succeed.  He was the one who suggested a range of 25-30, and so that goal has been adjusted to reflect that.  I'm all about the achievable  :-)

I'm also all about demystifying this stuff.  I think that many women feel that our worth is measured by what size we are.  There is constant judgment and shame surrounding size, and every year that passes brings with it more changes.  This constant shaming is unfortunate - have you watched telly lately?  Or picked up a magazine?  I know I don't look like the women (girls, actually) that I see in the media, and I'm tired of freaking out about it.   

Truth be told, I'm in pretty good shape.  The fact that I weight 241.8 pounds does not make me a bad person.  It merely makes me an obese person.  In another culture, I would be a goddess  :-D  Why yes, yes I did just tell you how much I weigh.  It's just a number.  It's a number, not a measure of my worth as a human.  It's just a number - it's not a measure of who I am (no matter what they say on the telly).  It's just one measure of my size at one fixed point in time - I mean, really!  If I drank an 8 oz. glass of water and got back on the scale, I would be half a pound heavier. 

I am tired of being bound by arbitrary crap.  That Angel of Freedom is on my shoulder - it's time to release the shame surrounding this stuff.  And so, I'm choosing to embrace the numbers because they are giving me something concrete to start with.  How else am I going to be able to have achievable, measurable goals?  :-)  So - what about it?  Here are the rest of my numbers - I'll check in with them again from time to time throughout the next few months. 

I'm 5' 7 3/4" tall ( I usually just say I'm 5' 8" - always wished I was as tall as my childhood friend, Priscilla (who just found this blog - how serendipitous is that?!  :-) ).  My Weight Watchers Lifetime Member Goal Weight is 134 pounds.  As mentioned before, I'm not sure that's realistic any longer, but I don't have to worry about it right now.  Right now, I just need to focus on the present and on my intention to be aligned with perfect health and wellness  :-)

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, my BMI is 37.  Anything over 30 equals obese.

On Friday, I had my blood pressure taken by a friend who is a nurse:   120/76   (Yay, Me!!!)

This morning, I found the damn tape measure, right where it should have been  ;-D  Arm/leg measurements are taken on my left because I'm left-handed I think they are larger than on my right.

Neck:  14"
Upper Arm:  14"
Wrist:  6"   (See, I think I was supposed to be a tall, thin dancer  ;-D)
The Girls:  48"
Under the Girls:  40"
Waist:  45"  (Thank you peri-menopause for this apple shape I never had before  :-S)
Hips (more commonly known around here as Ass):  53" 
Thigh:  29 3/4"
Calf:  16 1/2"
Ankle:  9"

And on a completely different topic, I would just like it known that I did, indeed, put the laundry away yesterday once it was done  :-)   AND, I emptied the dishwasher  :-D


SusanB-knits said...

Did you know only 7 percent of the populations is left handed?
I am right handed and my husband is left handed. Our two granddaughters are left handed.

Michelle said...

Hey, we're the same height! And you're braver than I am. Just sayin'.

Cilla said...

oh man....awesome blog!!!!once again you have inspired me :)I'm exhausted after reading your much zest and energy!!! Well guess what? I am now proud to say with age comes shrinkage and I am 5'7 1/2" !!!tall:) yay! are absolutely right on...weight is just a number like the size of clothes and the maker!!! My daughter is technically obese per her BMI and has large arms/legs but a very small waist.She is 5'8" and left handed :).I enrolled her in Fit For Life twice in 7th and 8th grade for life long eating/exercise training. I'm always telling her to wear what looks/feels good ignore the size no.She is a member if a gym and works out. I'm so proud of you for the motivation. Trainers make a huge difference. I was a jogger for 8 years ..always ran first thing in the morning at 5am then shower/coffee done for day!! I am a morning person..a Lark like you!! I had female surgery at age 42 so the fake hormones have really added the lbs...oh well,I totally agee with you about who we are inside that matters most:) You ROCK!!!!!!

Kristyn said...

I give you major kudos for putting your info out there. May we all be so brave.

Amy said...

As usual we seem to be in sync. I was planning on taking an overall view of my body and then attempting to come to terms with it all being just a number and learning to be happy with the body I have this year.

Now I need to go and measure myself this evening.

Amy said...

And I am left handed as well. :)

A :-) said...

Cilla - sounds like we still have a lot in common after all these years :-)

A :-) said...

And Amy, are you sure we weren't separated at birth?! :-D

A :-) said...

Kristyn and Michelle - you are both likely braver than you give yourselves credit for :-)