Monday, January 18, 2016

Catching it Up . . .

Last week was sad, with first, the passing of David Bowie, and then also actor, Alan Rickman.  Geez.  Both from cancer and both only 69 years old.   Cancer sucks.

In my family we have a sort of a joke.  All my life my mom told me not to worry, that "we don't get cancer in our family."  So I never did.  Worry about it, that is.  And then, at the age of 81, she was diagnosed with a slow growing tumor in her right lung.  The conversation when something like this:

"Mom, I'm really angry with you."

"Really?  Why?"

"All my life - my entire life - you told me that we don't get cancer in our family.  And now you have cancer."

She looked at me the way only she could, and after a pause, said, "You know, nobody else lived as long as me.  Maybe we do get cancer in our family."

We laughed so hard, so loud, and so long that the nurses came down to her room to see what the hell was going on.

And so, now we say, "we don't get cancer in our family - until we are at least 81."

It's a blue fleecy penguin pants day today - I'm home from a quick trip to Colorado and it's brutally cold here in Chicagoland.  I cut the thermostat up to 70.  68 just seemed way to chilly, even with penguin pants and a fleecey on.  Today is my recovery day.  I've learned that I have to build those in now after every trip I take.  It's smart  :-)

Wait until you see the amaryllis!  We last looked at it on the 8th.  Here is on the 9th:

and the 10th:

The 11th:

The 12th:

The 13th:

But wait - that that red arrow?  In the angle of this photo it's difficult to tell, but that piece of moss was way bumped up.  I was like WTH?!

So I went around the side for a closer look, and sure enough, it's another sprout! 

The 14th.   I gently shifted the moss the day before, and you can clearly see that new little sprout, shooting up unimpeded by moss :-D

Then, I was out of town for a couple of days and took a shot last night on the 17th when I got home.  Amazing the growth in just two days, isn't it?

And here it is today, on the 18th.  Seems like it grew even more overnight!  :-)

I'll try to keep up a little better with it now that I'm home again  :-)

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candy said...

Waiting for blooms!!! Regarding cancer, I was different. My grandmother had breast cancer when I was very young, so I worried about it my whole life, until I got it. Now, as a 20 year survivor, I don't worry anymore. I worry about other's hard not to worry about anything.