Friday, January 22, 2016

Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants . . .

I was watching the most recent episode of the Crazy Knitter Studio Podcast, and Kristyn, whose personal blog I also follow, gave me an idea to write about today.  She said she'd watched a show called Worst Cooks in America.

When I was married to my first ex-husband (dead guy now), I was generally known among my friends as "cooking impaired."  I wasn't - but he needed something to be better at than I was, and that was the easiest thing to go with . . .  (it was the 80s, I was a newlywed, he was a mistake . . . ).

I am, in fact, a really good cook.  I am a simple/plain cook because that's how my mom cooked, but I'm a good cook.  I don't like gravy or most sauces, and I did not grow up eating casseroles.  A nice dinner at our house was a roast of some sort, potatoes, vegetables and sometimes a salad, and usually some sort of dessert.

I talked about vegetables here about a year ago.  And this past October I made this really good Spiral Vegetable Tart - probably one of the more complicated/time consuming things I've done.  My crust wasn't perfect, but, considering I'd never made a pie/tart crust ever, it was pretty great  :-D

Just this weekend in Colorado, I made what has become my signature dish - Shrimp, Pasta and Broccoli (with really good wine and this time some awesome pesto provided by my friend, Jenn).  All my friends request it.  I have an exceptional lasagna recipe that I've had since Germany days, and I make world class pesto myself, and I've even made a quite yummy Beef Wellington one year for Thanksgiving when my friend, T, came for a visit.  But I had a lot of time for that - it was a holiday  :-)

Because I am generally pretty busy, I am always on the look out for good recipe ideas that are simple.  A recipe with eleventy million ingredients does not interest me, and I avoid as much highly processed food as I can.  I'm not strictly ovo-pescetarian again, but simple and good remain the most important things for me - and if it can be frozen in individual servings for later, so much the better!

Online and on Facebook, I really like Food52 and Oldways.

My new favorite magazine is Eating Well, which also has a Facebook presence.

And no conversation about food is complete for me any longer unless I mention journalist and author, Michael Pollan.  His book, In Defense of Food, makes the most sense of any book I've ever read about food and how we eat.  I would love to meet him someday.  He's just so interesting!  He's about to have a new docu-series on Netflix, called Cooked.  I'm going to have to figure out how to get to watch it - I don't currently have any streaming capabilities because my Internet is pokey beyond belief.

In Defense of Food was just made into a movie and it premiered on PBS at the end of December.  I think you can watch it here if you missed it on the telly.

But, no one's perfect . . . last night was pizza and some junk picked up at Walgreens . . . An exhausting week finally caught up with me.  This weekend I will be cooking.  And planning.  And making sure that I have everything I need to make sandwiches (or something) to take for lunches.  It's clear that I cannot move forward without taking the time for myself to make these things happen.

So, thanks Kristyn, for the blog post idea  :-)

Yesterday's Amaryllis - flopped over again!:

And this morning's look - halfway up - I don't know what's going on there - it doesn't need any water:

But I found something interesting!  On the front bulb and the one in the back that's often hidden in the photos, there appear to be second shoots starting!  You can see the front one in the photo above, and here is a shot of the back one.  This is exciting!!


Michelle said...

Your title is one of my favorite quotes from Michael Pollan.

Linda said...

That Eating Well site has some great recipes! You'll figure this out. :-)

Kristyn McCain said...

I really hate cooking but do it because it is so much cheaper and healthier. I am like you in that I want simple and easy - especially during the week. My DH says he likes my cooking more than any meal we could eat out so that helps.