Monday, January 4, 2016

The Morning's Work . . .

It's 11:45.  The kitchen is done. 

The Christmas stuff is done.

And my recumbent bike is cleaned and ready for use.  Not sure if you can tell what a mess it was in the first photo, but it was pretty bad.  It might still need some oil, but considering I don't know how to take that part of it apart . . . well, I'm crossing my fingers that since it appears sealed, that construction dust stayed on the outside. 



I also got the shredding done and discovered a new use for my potting bench  :-D



Still to go:  Yoga, Thank You Notes, and Tax papers.  We'll see how that goes. 


Michelle said...

You're making good use of your work-at-home day!

A :-) said...

Yes I am :-D My thank you notes are done and I think I'm going to take a run to the Second Chance Shop and drop off some stuff and then run to the store for a quick shop. Oh, and I updated my portable GPS, too. :-D

candy said...

Catching up on your posts! You go girl :)