Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's the Same Body . . .

The second load of laundry is about to jump into the dryer, and while I wait, here are some Sunday ramblings  :-)

Today is the last day of Samhain.  Tomorrow Imbolc arrives - in the Celtic calendar February 1st is when Spring arrives.  I thought you'd like to see my Potato Parcel at the end of the season  :-)

Really, I think it held up quite well, don't you?  I did give some thought to planting it, but have decided that I have enough plants to take care of already.  So, it's going to hang out here in the kitchen as a reminder for me to pay attention.

As I look forward to Imbolc, I move forward even as I look back at the past few months :-) 

I'm giving Weight Watchers' new SmartPoints program another try.  It's going OK, but, as before, I'm hungry.  I think I really, really need to eat vegetables.  I'd say eat more vegetables, except I haven't hardly been eating any at all lately . . . old habit die hard.  I'll be going to the store tomorrow.

Interesting discussion on the Weight Watchers board on Ravelry the other day about our bodies and about this being the year of one's best body.  One member commented that her best body was long behind her, and some others of us went in a slightly different direction.  Here's where I went:
The year of whatever my best body is for me wherever I am in the journey.
I honor my body where it is. Right now - because wherever I’m going I’m going there in this body. Larger or smaller, it’s the same body. It took me a really long time to figure that out. We only get one body, and this body - this body that I have right now - no matter what size it happens to be - is amazing and wonderful and it got me as far as I am today. My long, sturdy legs keep moving me forward one step at a time.
Am I ever going to weigh 134 pounds on my 5’ 8” small-boned frame again? I suppose it’s not likely, but I loved that version of my body and I’m headed toward it - and the version of my body that I have NOW is the one that’s going to take me there. It gets all my love and support!
Whether I actually get to that specific number again doesn’t seem to matter quite so much any more - I will get close. And, however far along the path I get, this body - the one I have now - will be the one transforming itself along the way, because … it’s the same body :-)
It's the same body.


In other not-quite-so-profound news of the day  ;-) - I finished the Mojo socks.  Yay!!

They are pretty.  Noro really has these color changes down, but I won't use this yarn again and here's why:
  • The fiber content might as well have had extruded wood fiber in it for how bad it tore up my hands.  Owie.  :-S  
  • The skeins are a very short put up of 328 yards - that means you definitely need two skeins for a pair of socks.  
  • There were joins in both skeins.
  • The join in the second skein was actually just a blog of the yarn stuffed into the middle of the skein.  It was bizarre.
  • This is supposed to be sport weight yarn, but because it is so "rustic" with a tremendous amount of thick/thin going on, I had to go with regular 2.5mm needles (US 1 1/2) to keep the fabric firm.  
  • Really - I don't think is sock yarn at all . . .  live and learn.

I'm wondering if I overwatered the Amaryllis.  It's falling over everywhere now.  I'm going to let it dry out for a bit - that container it's in has no drainage (as far as I know).

Been having a late 80s kinda flashback this morning.  Enjoy  :-)


Michelle said...

FWIW, I've never seen an amaryllis whose leaves DIDN'T fall over.

Anonymous said...

I hear you about the Noro yarn. When it first appeared on the shelves of my LYS, I couldn't get enough of it. But I was always disappointed that the skein was joined in several places and it did feel rough to work with. I admire the colorways of the Noro yarn, but I will never knit with it again.

One body. I would like my body to be like it was when I was in my 20's. Skinny and I could eat anything! But I have a Heathcliff cartoon that says "We all get heavier as we get older because there's a lot more information in our heads. So I'm not fat. I'm just really intelligent and my head couldn't hold any more so it started filling up the rest of me." :)) That's my story and I'm sticking it to it!!

Your amaryllis is doing well. Mine is still sitting like a lump in the pot. Maybe one of these days it will begin to grow leaves.

Janice H.

Ely said...

Yes. This is the body that carries me on my life journey, grew a life, now carries that new life, and will carry me maybe not completely back to the old one, but to my best body. Yes.

Oh, and I started a blog today- It doesn't look the way I want yet, but the purpose was just TO STaRT. Oh, and totally helped myself to the idea of putting a video at the end of a post. Well, there is only the one.

A :-) said...

Michelle, I feel better about it now :-)

Janice - yes, Noro has such excellent colore, but I'm not using it again for socks, that's for sure!

Ely!! Way to go on starting a blog :-)