Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Breakfast on the Deck . . .

Not what you were thinking, is it? :-D Sorry for the bar in between - it's part of my window.

Clearly I need to CLEAN THE DECK :-D Meanwhile the wildlife enjoy breakfasts of plums every morning. At least I think they are plums. I used to think there were crabapples. But I think they are plums.

I should be on the bike, but I seem to be consumed with this cleaning frenzy, because. . .

. . .the roll continues.

Here's the drawer before.

And after.

And the cupboard under that drawer

I'm just trying to decide why I'm keeping my old hot steam hair rollers . . .

Yes, the Lady Schick Steam Rollers were the Cadillac of rollers. True, they were the all-time best hot rollers ever. But do I really think my hair is going be long enough ever again to roll it?

Um . . . see photo of me up on the top right of this page. Yeah, no.

And do I need THREE curling irons, one with assorted attachments?

And is there a reason that I had not one, but TWO diffusers?

Am I ever going to have a curly perm again? Not likely.

And have I used any of this stuff in the last, oh, SEVEN YEARS????

No. What am I holding on to all this stuff for?????

Clearly, this cleaning frenzy was totally necessary.

I kept the smaller travel set of rollers - someone might be here who needs to roll their hair. And I kept two of the curling irons. OMG I have an EMPTY SHELF :-D

The ladies at the Second Chance Shop are going to be really happy to see me on Saturday afternoon.


Linda said...

Plums?! Plums?! If you're right, I bet those would make an *awesome* jam! Of course, it's too late now, but perhaps this time next year a foraging trip can be organized. Or maybe I'm just too hungry since I only just finished my breakfast.

A :-) said...

There are still a million of them on the tree. I told you about them last year :-D Do you want me to pick a bunch and bring them up next Friday?

Fujiyamamama said...

Now that you've gotten rid of your hot rollers and curling irons and diffusers long curly perms are going to be in style like nobody's business!

you're doing an incredible job, I love your before and after photos!

candy t said...

Awesome cleaning! I have barely scratched the surface here but with hubby needing so much care there isn't much time.