Saturday, August 14, 2010

Onward . . . Again. . .

Today, it's my room . . .

This will biggify if you click on it, but it's really embarrassing that I have SO MUCH STUFF.

There's my shelf - more books, and a lot of junk. There's my closet - and I don't even have that much clothing . . . There's the view to my nightstand, and that photo in the bottom corner? That's all the crap that was IN my nightstand (OMG . . . ). Last, there's a view of the top of the cedar chest.

I just loaded up the car - not quite as large a load as two weeks ago. But it's enough - it fills up the entire back of the wagon and some on the back seat. This is a view looking in to the living room, and then looking back out. The pictures and mirrors on the ottoman are staying, as is the blue and gold fabric, but pretty much everything else is in the car.

Wish me well - it's so effing hot here . . . I thought it would cool off when it poured during the Sox game last night (they were ahead when I left at the beginning of what became about an hour and half rain delay - and they won!), but no. It's hot and it's humid, and I'm sweating like a Big Dog. But I soldier on . . . hopefully will have some awesome "after" shots for you for tomorrow :-)

Here's a great thing that happened today:

The electrician brought my Moroccan lantern back. It's electrified now :-) It even has a dimmer in case I ever need any mood lighting ;-D And on my list of errands - right after my drop off at the Second Chance Shop, is a trip to JoAnn Fabrics to see about stuffing for my leather pouf. My Moroccan Corner is coming along!!

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Kristi said...

I love your Moroccan lamp. Thanks for all your posts on cleaning. I'm getting inspiration here. Once I recuperate from my recent tendon repair on my left arm (typing w/one hand)I will be cleaning everything out at house!