Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Garage . . .

Well, I wasn't really sure about doing this today, but I decided that there was no time like the present. The top row is before, and the bottom, after. This photo will biggify if you click on it.

I took two carloads to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore today. The old attic fan, garden pots, old tile, shingles, lava rock - things that they can use and/or resell.

My friend, C, in Denver was the one who suggested them to me. I take so much stuff to the Second Chance Shop, but this was not stuff that they would take in their resale shop. I drove over this morning, and they were quite happy to take the stuff, and told me that they would also take the clay garden pots as long as they were not cracked and even though they were dirty. Wahoo!!!! Gone!

I really need to powerwash the floor, but for now, at least, it's swept and stuff is tossed that could be. On the bottom left photo, in front of my bike, you can see the pile that will be gone come next Saturday. Some will go out on the curb on Thursday night, and the rest will go to Second Chance.

And in the bottom right photo, there is a large box with a red recycle bin on top. I'm going to put that old bin out on Thursday - I have no idea why I have two bins . . . I want to keep the good one and have them take this one back. And in that box are some chain lights for African violets. I no longer have the shelves that can use chain lights, and these have sat in the box, in the garage, since February 2004.

I emailed two friends, gave them a great price, and they have been snapped up. They will go in the back of the car on Thursday, and that big box will go out with the recycling :-)

The Great Cleanup of 2010 continues!!! But not now. Now, I really need a shower. I smell really, really bad. Really. :-D


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You are amazing! (btw, I went to Stitches on Sunday...with Beau! LOL!)

amlahe616 said...

Awesome doesn't it feel great to declutter