Sunday, August 8, 2010

To Infinity, and Beyond!!

OK - so no Buzz Lightyear, but here's the Space Bag update:

OMG they work :-D But not without some serious wrangling. It was not easy to get that bag zipped shut. It kept popping open. I tried a variety of techniques before finally succeeding. I flattened this out a little more, slipped it under the bed and prayed that it wouldn't pop open in the middle of the night and scare the crap out of me. So far, so good.

And then, since I had two more bags . . .

I figured that I would put the four pillows that were taking up space in them. I put them under the bed, too.

These comforters and pillows do not get used very much . . . I hope in a year or two, when I pop them back out of these bags that they really will come back to their original sizes. But for now, I have a whole lot more space. Thank you Michelle :-)

So, here's an update in the guest room. You saw yesterday's yellowy photo of all the yarn on the floor, but the before picks here are from last Saturday. I spent most of my day organizing and cataloging yarn and fiber and deciding what could go. I mean, some stuff I've had for years and I never used it - so it's time.

The boxes of photos were taken to shelving in the basement where I can access them easily when it's time to start the photo scanning project.

Pillows and comforter out of the closet and another set of metal cubes put together to hold some of the yarn from the armoire. Bags of yarn and fiber out from behind the daybed and in to the bottom of the closet.

BTW - all the closets in the bedrooms of my home were done by California Closets. They are WELL worth the cost. I had them do the walk-through closet in my studio apartment downtown, and I wish I had had them do the hall coat closet when they were here last!

And there's a view of the bags of yarn ready to go to a new home :-) I sent three packages out to people yesterday . . . there's still plenty left :-) Once again, that link is: Annie97's Trade/Sell I keep repeating it because I would LOVE to get some of that stuff out! And no, you cannot have my Marshall Field's bag :-)

I also put a few things on eBay - mostly older TV collectibles. If you're interested, look up seller Annie97. I've got a couple more things to add there next week after the first ones close (hopefully sold :-)).

I'll bet you're wondering where all the extra hangers went. One huge garbage bag of plastic ones to The Second Chance Shop (they won't take wire ones), and one huge recycle bag of wire ones will go out with the recycle on Thursday. They must mate and make more hangers like the papers do . . . ;-D

What's next? Well, I just went through the books in the kitchen. I know, you're thinking "how many books could she have in the kitchen?!" Um . . . well, there are built-ins there. so I have almost ALL my books in the kitchen.

It's always very hard for me to divest books, but I now have double rows on some of these shelves (i.e., there's a row of books hidden behind what you see here on a number of these shelves).

Still, I managed to divest some more . . .

and it's time for me to READ the stuff on my "to read" shelf (which is in my bedroom :-D) and then start going to the library again instead of the book store. There are more in this photo than the visual would lead you to believe. They are stacked up nearly a foot. The Second Chance Shop will be happy to have them. :-)

So, that's the update from The Third Coast today. It's only 9 a.m. (I really am a Lark in the Morning), and I have an interesting afternoon planned. Happy Sunday - and I hope that wherever you are, you are keeping cool :-)
p.s. Seven years ago today, my life changed forever. My then-husband came home from work, and after dinner, told me that he had been carrying on an Internet relationship with his high school sweetheart - that he had spent his entire life wondering "what if" and found out that she felt the same way. He said that this was best, and when I said "best for whom?" he said "clearly not you."

Pretty shitty, pretty cruel . . . at the time it was brutal, but now it's a testament to moving forward - I would never have thought about it today except that it's my dear friend Pam's birthday. I was reminded of this on FaceBook, which then made me think - Wow, seven years have passed. Another life. And so - it's just a post script now in the fabric of my life. I just thought it interesting that I forgot about it until actually reminded.


Michelle said...

YAY for space bags!!! And YAY for all the hard work you're doing to destash and divest. Thanks for sharing what happened; I hope you do something fun for yourself on this "anniversary." I can't imagine . . . although the Bobbit case comes to mind!

Knitterary said...

Seven years ago today, your then-husband gave you the gift of truth about himself. And then he gave you the gift of freedom from his shit.

Spin it positive, babe.

A :-) said...

I do, T, I do :-) It was just a surprise - and a marker of how far I've come - that I never thought of it. All I feel now is relief that I'm not attached to him any longer, and grateful for the person I am now :-)

And Michelle - I don't have that anger anymore - what I planned for today has no attachment to the past :-) And yes, YAY for Space Bags :-D

knittinggarden said...

You're an inspiration - to moving forward, looking at the positive in life, and to getting organized! Way to go.

Linda said...

You are a whirlwind, my friend! I need to set aside some de-cluttering days, too. Maybe I can open up a few weekends in September to get through that...

I *love* the way knitterary repositioned what happened with your ex!

A :-) said...

I've got two more Saturdays to work in the house this month so I'm really hoping to get a handle on stuff in every room. The yarn and patterns (3 notebooks . . . ) really took a lot of time this past Saturday. I didn't get much else done. But I keep moving forward :-)

candy t said...

Yay for space bags and super yay for you!!

correspondent said...

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