Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crap, and more Crap . . .

The trash is out. The recycling is out. A huge bag of wire hangers is out, and a huge bag of shredded documents is out. There are bags all over the front room, ready to be loaded in the car on Saturday to go to the Second Chance Shop.

Tonight, I tackled the linen closets. This first one is at a bad angle so it's difficult to get photos of it - I did top and bottom.

This is the top half,

and this is the bottom.

Somehow, not so dramatic a change this time, but believe me, a lot of stuff got shifted around.

Top . . .

and bottom.

This is the second linen closet . . . It's about halfway done. I cannot tell you how much crap went directly in the trash out of this one - old, expired meds, junk, sample sizes of weird stuff - 20 million bars of soap . . . just all manner of crap. Now it remains to get stuff organized in here . . . that should be interesting. I'm thinking baskets of some sort.

And I discovered that I have a 29 year supply of travel size Crest. There are at least 8 tubes . . . It's official. I have turned in to my mother.

The dryer is buzzing and it's WAY past my bedtime. It's so hot here . . . I hope I can sleep.

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