Monday, November 2, 2015

A Field Report . . .

The budget is going pretty well.  I'm not perfect, but I am very, very mindful of my spending and I make conscious choices now, instead of operating on the Magpie Method of spending (Ooo!   Shiny!!). I can definitely see positive changes in my spending.  Oh, and remember my thought to use the Mason Jar Method of saving up some mad money?  That went by the wayside pretty quickly -  I could never remember to put the money in the jar  :-D

My gratitude journal made it for probably 4 or 5 months and then I let that go, too.  But since it is November, I'm posting a facebook status daily of something I am thankful for.  I did this a couple of years ago and I like that it brings my focus early in the day to something positive.

I'm still working on finishing all the WIPs.  I enjoyed knitting another Montego Bay Scarf so much that I cast on for another one, though  :-D  And my November Year of Stash Socks (YOSS) project is probably going to be a quick pair of plain vanilla socks just to have some train knitting.

Weight Watchers is going well.  I've pretty easily fallen back into that routine, and I'm down about 10 pounds already, which is great.  There are rumors of program changes coming up - and if they do change up the program, in my experience it's usually late in the year.  With Oprah buying a stake in the company and her focus on wellness/wholeness,  I will be very interested to see how things go moving forward  :-)

Probably more important, however, is that in the past few days I've realized that I really do not tolerate added sugar and highly processed foods well.  I was certain I could have some sugar in my tea and some jam on my toast.  Yeah  . . . No.  Not so much.  My knees have been so very sore . . . so I stopped the small amount of sugar I was having again, and within two days I was almost completely pain free.  And - BONUS - my face is not red in the mornings.  That really makes me all happy.  Rosacea = another inflammation-based condition that I didn't realize was inflammation.  Onward!

I continue to downsize my collection of African violets.  I'm still producing my weekly podcast, but I wonder how much longer that can go on - I am running low on material!  I do have a project to film this week, though, so that will help.  I let my AVSA Senior Judging credentials lapse this year.  My number of plants that I knew I could grow well was always 50 varieties.  I couple of weeks ago, I realized that that was not my number any longer.  I'm the flag waver for the late Pauline Bartholomew's teaching of "Limit Your Collection."  Mine had gotten down to around 30 and it was perfect!  Then, at National in June I ramped up with leaves and plantlets into the 70's and have been working my way back down (some of them don't make it in my growing conditions, and some don't bloom true).  I was all excited to get back to 50 because I knew that I would feel so much better about everything . . . except when I go there, I didn't feel better about anything.  That's when I realized that my number isn't 50 any longer.  It's more like 30.  Am I losing interest? Not really.  Am I slowing down?  Maybe. I can pick up my judging credentials next year if I choose - but I haven't been invited to judge a local show in probably three years.  There just aren't that many in my area any more.

The time changed over the weekend.  I think I'm the only person who actually likes returning to standard time.  It's comforting somehow - and I think it's because it's Samhain.  This is always a productive time of year for me as I look inward.

My PotatoParcel is going to work with me today . . .  ;-)

That's the news from The Third Coast this morning.


Michelle said...

I like the time change, too. Now if it would just STAY on standard time.... I can't imagine maintaining 30 varieties of ANY living thing!

A :-) said...

30 is way easier than the 49 I currently have :-D I've been working very hard to get back down to around 30. I just need a few more varieties to bloom so I can tell if they are blooming true :-)