Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ten on Tuesday . . .

The Ten on Tuesday topic for today is:  10 Places You Hang Out
  1. The train platform.  I hang out there waiting for the train every morning unless I am running late, in which case I am not hanging out - rather, I am running up the steps and hopefully directly on to the last car if the conductor is kind enough to wait for me.  It's always 50/50 depending on how late I actually am, but for the most part, if they see you hustling, they will hold the door for you.
  2. The train itself.  I hang out on the train twice a day :-D  I get a lot of reading and knitting done on the train.
  3. My sunroom.  I hang out here more than anywhere else, and of all the construction done in my home earlier this year, I think I like the changes in this room the best.
  4. My home office.    I hang out there when I'm writing stuff or whiling away some time online.  This is where my computer lives.
  5. At work.  I'm hanging around there all day, working  :-D
  6. A book store - any book store.  I used to hang out a LOT in book stores.  Unfortunately there aren't any anywhere near me any longer  :-(  If there were, I would definitely be hanging out there.
  7. My Weight Watchers meeting.  I hang out there once a week  :-)
  8. Ravelry.  It's the online knitting and crocheting community.  I hang out online there.
  9. Facebook.  I hang out online there, too, but I'm looking at curtailing the amount of time I spend there - somehow it doesn't feel very healthy to me at the moment.
  10. The Art Institute of Chicago.  One of my all time favorite places to hang out.  I don't hang there often enough.
If I had kids I probably would be hanging out at their sports games or concerts.  And if I had a dog, I would be hanging out with it wherever I could find a dog park.  And if I drank coffee, I would probably be hanging out at Starbucks. And I'm wondering why I don't hang out at the movies much anymore, because I like movies.  And if I had a significant other, I would be hanging out with him.  And if it was back in the day, I would be hanging out in dance clubs, dancing, but it's now, and that's my relatively staid list of where I hang out  :-D

Where do you hang out?


Liz said...

I pretty much hang out at my house since I work from home. I hang out at the YMCA when I water walk every day and occasionally from my LYS. Between working part time, taking care of our three dogs and my husband, I rarely hang out anywhere else.

May I ask a personal question? Do you regret not having children? I'm 41 and my husband and I don't have kids. I'm always curious when I meet women older than me if they regret it. Feel free not to ask as I know it's a very personal question.

Teresa Burdette said...

Hi Annie!
My name is Teresa. I like to hang out on your podcast All About African Violets. There have learned lots of growing tips for my violets. I can even put a leaf down and start a new plant. I am currently expecting a Fisherman's Paradise anyday. I hang out in our public library and sadly a lot in the vet's office, I have an elderly pug named Ghee. I hang out at my son's house with the grandkids. I hang out at the city park walking with my sister three times a week but my favorite place to hang out is home. It is my place to refresh and watch the birds eating from the feeders and the squirrels frolicking around the pin oaks in my front yard. We are around the same age so I enjoy all you takes on this thing we live called life. Your friend

A :-) said...

Liz - I believe that everything happens for a reason, and for me the timing was never right to have the blessing of children. I've always felt that if I was going to have them I would want to actually be home to raise them rather than putting them in daycare, and that was never possible in my life. In addition, I was an only child raised by a single parent (my mom was a widow), and I know how hard it is to raise a child alone, so that was never something I wanted to do by choice. Certainly I wonder sometimes and it was, I think my late mom's only true disappointment/regret because she really wanted to be a grandmother. I know I would have been a great mom, and I was an awesome holiday stepmom, but I would not have wanted to have been tied for life to either of the men I made the mistake of marrying. So I'm the crazy Auntie Mame-like character in the lives of many children and we adore each other. It just so happens that none of them came out of my body. :-)

A :-) said...

Teresa! Thanks for watching the podcast! Love all the places you hang out (except for the vet - sorry about that :-( ). I like to watch the birds from my sunroom, too - I haven't filled them for awhile, but I think I'm going to fill the bird feeders this winter and do battle with the squirrels and raccoons again ;-)

Linda said...

I hang out at home a lot, because I also work from home. ;-) I also hang out at the local park, walking the dog there pretty much every day.