Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The WIPs . . .

Time for an update on all the WIPs!  If you've been keeping score at home, when last we talked, I had  just finished the Elementary Watson Socks (and I'm glad I didn't frog them   :-) ) and had whittled the Big List down from 16 to 9.

After Monday's Ravelry meltdown, two more of my WIP projects bit it. I've reclaimed the yarn on numbers 12 and 14 on the Big List.  That means that I'm down to 7 WIPS on the Big List.  This is pretty great!!  I have four sweaters (one of which just needs to be blocked) and three pairs of socks still on the needles.

In addition to the old stuff lying around, I do have some projects in process that are current YOSS projects: two Montego Bay Scarves - one just needs the fringe braided and one is about halfway knit.  I also have some Apothecary Cuffs that are nearly done.  These were all October projects.  For November, I cast on a pair of plain vanilla socks mainly so I would have some train knitting.  I can pretty much knit plain socks without a lot of thought, and they are a small project which makes them perfect for train knitting.

I anticipate having these last three projects done by the end of next weekend.  Cross your fingers  :-D  I've been working on the last Holidazed sock off and on.  Initially it was going to be train knitting, but I have to pay attention or I mess up the stitch pattern  :-D  So, plain vanillas it is.

A few of my friends are also attempting NaBloPoMo 2015.  If you'd like to check out their blogs, they are:

A Windy City Gal (that's Linda the Chicken Lady - who is no longer in the Windy City and doesn't have any chickens anymore  :-D)

Stories from the Mist (Candy who used to be here and now is also on the West Coast)

Crazy Knitting Fool (Krysten who lives in Detroit and also has a video podcast)


Linda said...

Thanks for the plug!

Those Apothecary Cuffs look interesting! I've added them to my favorites. I never quite understood the popularity of fingerless gloves/mitts until I moved here. The cuffs look like a nice variation on them.

A :-) said...

You're welcome!

Kristyn McCain said...

Thanks for the shout out!

A :-) said...

You bet :-)