Monday, November 23, 2015

Star Light . . .

I hold on to stuff.  This is not a new revelation  :-D  It's just that I find something I like and I hold on to it.  I'm not sure if this is a personal trait, or a trait of my Taurus nature - we're not keen on change, you know ;-D

These are my star lights.  They are strings of Italian lights with stars on them.  I bought them at IKEA at least a decade ago and they've held up quite well over the years.  Now, though, some of them are dying.  You're supposed to be able to change the bulbs, but, thus far, I have not been successful in so doing.

IKEA doesn't have them any longer - I'm thinking that they suffered from the same issues as the lights I used to have in my sunroom, because most of the time you can shake them and they come back on. 

The windows on the north side of my home are oversized.  That's my kitchen window - here's another view so you can see how large it really is. 

And they are the same in the living room - just more of them.

And one more in the dining room, which is where I'm standing in the above photo  :-D

And the star lights are absolutely perfect.  They hang all the way down and they look so awesome! 

And I'm thinking I'm going to have to find some other sort of lights to hang because enough of the strings are out now that I think they look wonky.  Those windows don't face the street, though, so they only look wonky to my neighbors.  They haven't complained.

As previously mentioned, I thought I had two more boxes of them downstairs, but I don't find them at the moment.  Oh well.  I will take another look because, you know, God forbid I should have to change . . .


Michelle said...

Have you looked on eBay? I've found some discontinued items there that I could find nowhere else. Would hate for you to have to change your favored decor! ;-)

candy said...

Love the lights!