Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for today is:  10 Things to Shout When You Hit the Jackpot

I have actually won a progressive jackpot slot in Las Vegas. It was years ago now, and I was with a large number of my family and extended family.  My cousin, Mary Ellen, and I were playing the Slingo machines at Paris, and she happened to walk away to go to the Ladies' just before my machine hit.  I wish I could say I was eloquent in my shouting, but . . . um . . .

1.  What the . . . ?

2.  Mary Ellen?

3.  Oh My God . . .

4.  Mary Ellen!

5.  OH MY GOD!!

6.  Mary Ellen!!

7.  Mary Ellen!!!

8.  Mutt!!!  (our childhood nickname for each other)

9.  MUTT!!!!

10.  MARY ELLEN!!!!!!!

Not too exciting, but that's about how it went  :-D   I yelled her name until she came back, because you can't leave your machine or someone else will take your jackpot.

It wasn't a giant amount, but it was four figures, which was awesome.  They come right over to you on the floor, make you sign a tax form, count out the cash, and you're on your way.  I tipped the cashier guy and was instructed by another cousin to go immediately to my room and lock it all in the safe - which I did.  And then I didn't get to gamble for the rest of the trip  :-D


candy said...

That's good, because you usually don't win twice :)

A :-) said...

I'm pretty lucky, but yes, once you win, it's good to walk away :-)