Monday, November 21, 2016

Here It Comes . . .

Today is the day that I break out my winter coat. It was 19 degrees at my house this morning.  The high today will be 40, but 19 is too chilly to walk to the train in my raincoat.  I was quite warm by the time I got to work, but it's better than catching a chill.

So - November 21th.  This is the longest I can ever remember having gone without my winter coat.

Really great meditation this morning from Diana Lang.  It's from the CD that came with her book Opening to MeditationThis is the version that I have.  It came with a CD.  She has since updated her book, but I don't know if the CD comes with the updated version of the book.

I hadn't heard this tune from Mary Chapin Carpenter before.  I think I'll be looking for it on iTunes.

I am thankful for my warm coat.


Kimberlee Rudman said...

I was running errands Sunday (Nov 20) and broke out the winter coat, hat and gloves! And I was very thankful for the coat and accessories.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A :-) said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Kim :-)