Thursday, November 3, 2016

Worth Loving . . .

Kinda crazy thing last night - as I was leaving work, I got a massive floater in my left eye.  Not like any floater I had in my right eye from the accident two years ago.  It was like a jagged fuzzy caterpillar with a long tentacle on the end that kept sweeping across my vision.  By the time I got home - an hour later - I was having flashes.  Floaters and flashes.  I'm reasonably sure that I know what these mean (that the vitreous in that eye is pulling away - a normal function of aging), but it was enough different that I rang the retina guy's service and spoke to the retina woman on call. 

Symptoms are less today, but still there, and still flashing, so I'll be seen today downtown.  Better safe than sorry . . .

Here is today's Power Thought and Affirmation:

I am Worth Loving

I do not have to earn love.
I am lovable because I exist.
Others reflect the love I have for myself.

In other news of the day - the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last night (!!)  I wasn't able to stay up for the game, but it was quite the nail-biter!  To all the Indian fans out there - what a season you guys had - Congratulations.  I thought these teams were very evenly matched - what a Series!

I am thankful that there IS joy in Mudville today. 


Anonymous said...

Since the Milwaukee Brewers couldn't be in the World Series, I am glad that the Cubs won! Yay!!

Janice H.

candy said...

Hope your eye is better. Yay Cubs!

A :-) said...