Friday, November 4, 2016

My Own Power . . .

All is well with my eye.  It was what I thought it probably was - the vitreous detached from the retina.  Any sudden floaters and flashes should always be checked out, however, because the detachment could cause a retinal tear - and the symptoms are the same as for a retinal tear.  A tear in the retina is VERY serious and requires treatment and repair.  So - like I said yesterday, better safe than sorry. The floaters will hang around for awhile - some possibly for quite awhile, but eventually they lessen.  The big caterpillar one is gone already  :-)

In addition, I'm always interested in the pressure in my eyes because two family members already have glaucoma, and one of my friends has a very rare form of glaucoma.  They always check the pressure when I go to the retina doc, and today was no different.  I'm always happy to get good news - and not only is my left retina intact, I'm happy to report that my eye pressure was 14 on the right and 16 on the left.  Very respectable and very much in the normal range. Yay!

In other news of the day, the City is wild with energy, and pretty much all you can see in any direction is Cubbie Blue.  It was interesting getting to work today. I took an early train to be sure to get downtown and people were already The Cubs parade and rally starts at 11 from Wrigley Field, heading south toward downtown and into Grant Park.  They are expecting it to be the biggest rally in the history of sports rallies here.  Metrarail - the train I take - is advising that they plan to add trains to accommodate everyone coming down for the rally, but they think they will have their highest ridership day - ever.

That means that I'm going to have to pay more attention than usual and travel defensively tonight - i.e., I'm going to consciously choose to sit near an exit so I don't feel trapped on the train.  Here's a shot from this morning at the corner of Michigan Avenue and South Water Street, where the crowd was already beginning to gather at 8 a.m.

My office is a ghost town, and those who are left are having a morning Cub rally in the largest conference room - watching WGN on the big screens  :-D

It's definitely an exciting time here in Chicagoland - even the cast of Hamilton sang Go Cubs Go on Wednesday night after the show!

I claim my own power and I lovingly create my own reality.

I ask for more understanding
so that I may knowingly and lovingly
shape my world and my experiences.

That's quite fitting for me today  :-)  I am quite ready for the weekend this week, that's for sure!

I am thankful for retina specialists


Michelle said...

I heard on the news that FIVE MILLION people showed up for that parade!

A :-) said...

Yup. Did you see any of the photos of Grant Park? Just unreal :-D