Saturday, November 19, 2016

Roulette . . .

It's Saturday and it's the first sort of cold day here.  Last night a serious wind rolled in  . . .

I was kind of surprised that there were any leaves left on the trees at all, but there are a few.  Not many, though.  It's going to warm back up into the 40s tomorrow and for the rest of the coming week.

This is the huge head of blossom on one of my African violets.  It's a standard chimera called Roulette.  It's not a registered variety. It's not my original plant, but this variety has sentimental value for me.  My ex and I took my former step-son to the showroom of the national AVSA convention when he was about five years old.  He was fascinated by all the different plants, and had great fun picking out the largest and the smallest, etc.  His dad told him he could pick out two violets from the sales room - one for his mom, and one for me.  Roulette was the one he picked for me.  I remember that my ex was shocked that it cost so much more than the other did.  Chimeras always cost more because they have to be propagated by sucker, not by leaf.  Anyway, I lost it after moving back from Southern California to the Chicagoland area, and got it back in my collection about five or six years ago.  It's one of the most floriferous chimeras I've ever grown.

I think you can see what a huge difference there is between this plant and Knight Rider, the plant I shared with you last month.

Here is a close up of the blossoms  :-)

Most Saturdays my cousin posts a Beatles video on his wall on Facebook.  This morning, he posted Things We Said Today, and it ran right into this one, which was always one of my favorites:

I am thankful for Netflix.

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Anonymous said...

Your violet is lovely. Chimeras are unique. I had Enchanted Watercolor and loved it, but it went to its' Great Reward sadly. I have to tell you that my violets are improving! I am so pleased that they are doing well since Joyce told us about the worm castings in the soil. I was ready to give up on violets, but now I'm looking at the online vendors and thinking about what I would like to add to my lonely 8 violets. :)

Any day with the Beatles is a good day. Thanks for the memory!

Janice H.