Sunday, November 13, 2016

Looking Back . . .

Someone posted this Spirograph video on Facebook the other day.

I had one of these and I really loved it.  Seeing it again (it's still available should you feel the need to get one) made me think of all the other toys I and my cousins had growing up - a lot of the stuff was certainly dangerous, but we all  managed to survive.

There was the Thing Maker.  It made Creepy Crawlers and Fun Flowers.  Can't even tell you how many times I got burned.  That sucker was HOT.

There were Gaucho Balls, aka Clackers.  I begged for these and of course I got hurt - I mean, look at that video . . .

I dearly wanted a Slip 'n Slide, but we nealy always lived in apartments.  One day I recall being somewhere where there was one - and of course I got hurt.  There was always a rock somewhere or a bump of dirt underneath it that you hit.

There was the Jingle Jump.  Another disaster waiting to happen . . . good exercise, though.

I also had a wood burning kit . . . (I got burned a lot back in the day  :-D)

On the safer side, I had a potholder loom.  OK, I still have a potholder loom  :-D

And I always had jacks - a Superball was best because it would bounce higher :-)

And Silly Putty was always a favorite - although my mom probably wouldn't agree because I left it out or got it on the rug multiple times, but it was great fun to use it with the comics on Sunday in the newspaper - something that apparently you can't do anymore because they use non-transferable ink nowadays.

We also played a lot of board games - Sorry being a favorite when we were little, with Scrabble edging it out as we got older.  

In other news today, the great Leon Russell is the latest great to leave us in 2016.  What a crappy year . . . I mean it.


I am thankful to be able to pass along pieces of the past.


Ely said...

Oh man, I remember making newsprint impressions with putty! And making designs with the spirograph!!

When I was finally able to get on a slip and slide, there was no slipping or sliding!! It was just bumpy and uncomfortable. How tv commercials really sold us on fun.

A :-) said...

I agree :-D They should have called it bumpy and uncomfortable :-D