Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve . . .

The Amaryllis says it's a Grand Trumpet Amaranthe.  According to the Jackson & Perkins website, that means that it's red!  It also says: "Big, Double, Vibrantly Red Blooms!"

It was in a Northeastern exposure yesterday.  I moved it this morning to an Eastern exposure, but I think I'm going to move it over to a southern exposure so it gets more light.  Here's this morning's progress  :-)

Other things are blooming here . . .  :-)

This is an African violet called Crystallaire.  It's an old vintage Eyerdom variety from 1981.  It's supposed to be a double blossom.  This is its first bloom, and it's definitely not fully double.  I'm going to give it more time.  This one will get potted on out of its Solo cup pot.

Next is LE-Prekasnia Kreolka.  A Russian/Ukrainian variety registered in 2010.  It's blooming true to its description  :-)

 These plants are similar.  They are both green standards and would be shown in the same edged class in a show.  Crystallaire could also be shown in the Vintage class.  Both are registered, so it's also conceivable that they could be part of an AVSA Standard Collection in a show.

I have to work today, but only for a half-day.  Yay!  I might toddle on over to the Art Institute and see the Thorne Rooms.  Some are decorated for the holidays and I love to see them  :-)   Tonight is the candlelight service at my church where I will be singing in the choir.  And then . . .

. . . Santa Claus comes tonight  ;-)


candy said...

I love Amaryllis but I haven't grown one in years.

Anonymous said...

I have 'Oscar', a very red amaryllis. I've always put mine in a south window and have had very good results. During the summer you can place it in its pot outside in a sunny spot. Don't cut off the leaves as they absorb the energy to create blooms next year. You will be happy with your plant!

Your violets are lovely. I do miss your weekly podcast :( and miss looking at your shelves. I've noticed that I tend to choose the same colored violets. Pink and purple dominate my shelves. But I'm thinking of tossing Frozen in Time because Green Ice is much prettier [in my eyes!] It's like you used to say on the podcast --- really, how many blue trailers do I need? :)

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Janice H.