Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Today's Ten on Tuesday theme is:  The 10 Best Things I did in November

Hmmm . . .

  1. Honored my health and body by continuing with Weight Watchers
  2. Finished TWO items on my WIP list (that means that there are only five left on the original list of 16)
  3. Spent time with my extended family on Thanksgiving
  4. Participated in NaBloPoMo every day (and twice last Tuesday because I forgot what day it was  :-D)
  5. Wrote one thing on Facebook that I was thankful for every day in November
  6. Honored my spirit by paying attention (Yay Me!!)
  7. Held firm in my choice to end my podcast (this was a hard decision, but one I knew was best for me)
  8. Freed myself from past entanglements by being strong enough to day "enough"  :-)
  9. Signed up for a yoga retreat in May!
Pretty good month, all things considered!

Not a Christmas song, but from my favorite Christmas movie - White Christmas (Oooo!  There's a 60th Anniversary edition!!  I may need to shop . . . ) - and it's one of my favorite singers (Rosemary Clooney for those of you keeping score at home  :-) )

Oh, there are so many great numbers from this movie . . . have another!  Always wanted a dancing partner as amazing as Danny Kaye - not that could have ever danced like Vera Ellen, but a girl can dream you know  ;-)


Kimberlee Rudman said...

This is my all-time FAVORITE Christmas movie. I have been known to watch it a few times during the holiday.
And the dress Rosemary wears is so beautiful.

Michelle said...