Friday, December 11, 2015

Watching and Waiting . . .

I've spent the better part of the last week being supremely irritated with Weight Watchers and their apparent inability to wrangle their technology.  The newWeight Watchers program - Beyond the Scale - rolled out on Sunday and I've been hoping all week long that they would iron out all the technology kinks by the time it's my turn to get the scoop.

That hasn't happened yet, and with only one more day until my meeting, it's probably not going to.  I've managed to talk myself down off the ledge, though.  Seriously - I have no control over Weight Watchers and their inability to get their act together.  I, do, however, have control over my own ass - I mean, act.  Yay Me!

There was a LOT of speculation on various boards and groups that I frequent about what the program changes would be.  Now that it's been rolled out to the majority of WW members, there's a lot of talk about how unhappy people are with the new SmartPoints plan.  A lot of people are saying that they are quitting and going to a free service like My Fitness Pal.

What's causing all the brouhaha?  Items with a lot of saturated fat and/or sugar have gone WAY up in points.

The PointsPlus program allowed you to make your own choices on foods that are not very good for you.  SmartPoints appears to be seriously shepherding you into a healthier way of eating over the long haul.  I'll know more when the program is actually rolled out to me at my meeting tomorrow morning.

It's smacking of The Strict Program for Three Months.  Whether or not SmartPoints is sustainable over the long haul remains to be seen. 

On the happy side, many healthier choices have gone down in points.  Although I can’t see my personal points past today on my computer due to WW's goofy technology, on my Android phone it looks like I’m going to go up 1 daily, but down 7 weeklies. That had me a little concerned until I did the math (clearly not my strong suit ;-D) and realized it was a wash. From what I can tell at the moment, some of my foods have gone up, and some down. Still - it does look like it’s going to be a little challenging to have the occasional cupcake and some peppermint ice cream (my sweets of choice when I'm willing to incur some joint pain).

I became a lifetime member of Weight Watchers back in the 80s when we still did exchanges and Inner Circle was their small group program (they should have kept that one). Even though I’m not at goal at present, one thing I’ve always known about the program in any of its iterations is that it works. If I work the program and don’t monkey around with it trying to suit myself, I know it works. I can’t imagine that SmartPoints will be any different in that respect.  

I’m anxious now for Saturday so I can get started. I’m planning on this being the last time I have to do this.  In preparation, I made a list of my most regularly consumed foods and what their current point values are so I can do some comparisons.  I also took a little jaunt over to the center near me (not my regular center) on Wednesday night and broke out the credit card to get the new starter kit, a second copy of the new 12-week journal (one came in the starter kit and I liked it so well that I wanted another right away), and the dining out book and full food listing (they call it a shopping guide now).  Truth be told, I was afraid they would run out of stuff at my center by the time I get there tomorrow  :-D

Funnily enough, at the moment the things I'm most excited about are that new journal and the cookbook that came in the starter kit.  They FINALLY have a 12-week journal that is NOT spiral bound.  Left-handed people like me all over the world are rejoicing!  And the cookbook is all recipes for 1 and 2 servings.  Perfect for me!  I'm guessing that they use a lot of "fake" ingredients, like fat-free cheese (which I won't eat), but I'm sure there is a lot that I can modify and work with.

Based on the scuttlebutt I was hearing about the new program, I did do a few things this week, like going to the Christkindle Market on Monday for a fix of German food - a bratwurst, some potato latkes, and a small piece of marzipan; all things that likely will be markedly higher in points come tomorrow morning.  I'm also going out to dinner tonight to a nice restaurant where I will be having some peppermint ice cream - which I'm SURE will be substantially higher tomorrow due to a combo bomb of both saturated fat and sugar.  So it goes.  I figured I'd better do it "before the prices change," so to speak, and while I still have 49 weekly points!

So, I've been watching the Internet all week, and waiting anxiously to learn SmartPoints.  I'm really hopping from foot to foot now waiting for tomorrow.  Come on already, will ya??   :-D


Anonymous said...

Thanks Annie, for the heads up on My Fitness Pal. I signed up this morning. I used a similar program at WebMD, but didn't care for their set up. This one seems more user friendly.

Hope the new program at WW will help you and that you won't be too disappointed. WW has a great reputation for helping one lose weight. I just wish I could get my brain to realize what foods are better for me. That's where I need the support. But I am getting better about grocery shopping and not buying the things I don't need. [Want is another story!!] It sure isn't easy.

Janice H.

Michelle said...

Funny the games we play with ourselves. ;-) I find that the more I avoid highly processed/saturated fats/sugary foods, the less appetizing they become to me. A healthier way of eating becomes not only sustainable, but enjoyable.

A :-) said...

Janice, I've used My Fitness Pal in the past - I probably like Fitbit a little better because I love my Fitbit and the site is easy to use.

A :-) said...

Michelle - absolutely agree, but I think there has to be a little room for special stuff every now and again. I think there will be with the new WW program - it just may take a little while for me to figure out the lay of the land :-) I know that the Strict Program for Three Months was not sustainable for me over the long haul. It was so draconian that I just couldn't do it any longer - I'm hopeful that as I learn and use SmartPoints it will all fall into place for me :-)

Anonymous said...

I went out to dinner twice this week. I was careful and didn't use all my weekly points (based on my estimating for the dinners) but I will be interested to see what Saturday brings for me too. If you like the cookbook will you post about it? I don't want to buy it until I know a bit more about it. Linda M.

A :-) said...

Linda - the Fresh & Easy cookbook is only in the Starter Kit, I think, but there is another new cookbook that I'm going to take a look at tomorrow. And yes, I'll post about Fresh & Easy for sure and if I get the other, will post about it, too :-)