Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ten on Tuesday . . .

Today's Ten on Tuesday theme is:  10 Things I Did in 2015 that Made Me Feel Proud

  1. I went back to Weight Watchers.
  2. Restarted weekly production of my podcast, All About African Violets. I am very proud of how many people all over the world not only enjoyed it, but learned from it.
  3. I'm very humbled that I became the standard bearer for the late Pauline Bartholomew's advice of "Limit Your Collection."  Her book is the bible of growing African violets for show, and to bring one of her greatest teachings into the mainstream again is pretty amazing.
  4. My heart was extra happy when "Limit Your Collection" was the number one African violet resolution for 2016 in the lasted AVSA Newsletter (from a survey of more than 100 growers on Facebook).  
  5. Although it was hard, I'm happy that I knew when to let go of the podcast - it was time to move forward.
  6. I learned to pay better attention in about a million areas in 2015.
  7. I learned to take better care of myself.
  8.  I knew when to say "Enough!" And then I actually said it - more than once  :-)
  9. I did some major pre-retirement planning - and then I started practicing to live on a fixed income before I actually have to.
  10. I'm proud that I'm realizing that the new WW SmartPoints program may not be sustainable for me over the long-haul.  That means that I'm listening to my body, that I'm paying attention, and that I know when to say "Enough!"  Yay Me!!  It's the trifecta of feeling proud  :-D
Here's today's Amaryllis!

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Michelle said...

That's a very impressive list!

A :-) said...

Thank you. I am rather proud of it ;-D