Sunday, December 13, 2015

Joy . . .

It's the third Sunday in Advent - Joy.

And, well, that didn't take long - my original timsha are going to Linda the Chicken Lady.  :-)  The timing is good.  I had hoped to mail them out yesterday, but, true my apparent pattern of turning into my mom, I fell asleep in the chair and completely missed the post office.

Had a wonderful dinner with my friend, C, on Friday - Petterino's!  Yum!  And then we went to see Beautiful - the Carole King Musical.  As C said, "It's OK.  It's no Jersey Boys, though."  I have to agree.  Still, her album Tapestry was the soundtrack for the high school years of many women of a certain age.  I certainly had a copy (and probably have the CD now).  I could probably still sing every single cut on that album - and I was famous for 15 minutes in high school for singing It's Too Late one year in the V-Show.  She and her then husband were like the white Ashford and Simpson, writing so many songs that you never knew they wrote because someone else sang them. 

In my joy at having five hours back in my life every week, yesterday I went and walked the labyrinth at the local Lutheran Church.  It was time well spent for my soul.  I was dismayed, however, to see a For Sale sign in front of the church.  It makes my heart sad.  My own church is currently is in the process of calling a new minister - we though we had one, but he backed out.  I believe that everything happens for a reason, and clearly he was not the right minister for us for things to have shaken out as they did.  Still, I hope we will find someone soon.

And I hope that whoever or whatever buys the Lutheran Church will keep and care for the labyrinth because it's been a fixture since 2006 and I have walked it many times when my heart and spirit needed quiet and comfort.

My third Advent gift from my friend, T, is an Alex and Ani bracelet.  I have an armful of them, all with significance to me  :-)  T's gift is the blue crystal teardrop in the center, near the top of my wrist.  It's called Living Water and 20% of the proceeds of sale of this bracelet went to Living Water International.  In fact, Alex and Ani pledged a minimum donation of $25,000 to Living Water International for the year 2015.  That's pretty wonderful.

Imagine if you turned on the tap and didn't have safe, potable water?   I'm not joking around.  Seriously - what your life be like if you didn't have water?  It's my guess that every reader of this blog takes for granted and expects that when they turn on a faucet, safe drinkable water is going to come out.  How lucky we are.

Perhaps Living Water International might be something you would consider a charitable donation to before the year is over.  I am.

Here's a silly 80s gem for your holiday laughter -  . . .  ;-)

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