Monday, December 14, 2015

Field Report - This and That :-)

I've decided that for the first week or so of Weight Watchers' new Beyond the Scale program that I'm also going to track in Fitbit (which is where I tracked the entire time of the Strict Program for Three Months).  I'm doing this to see how many calories I'm getting because so far I've been feeling kind of hungry every day.  I'm getting enough, though, so I think I'm just trying to get adjusted to the changes.

It's been two and half days and I have to say that, so far, I'm not too keen on the new program.  But I am going to give it the old college try for a few weeks and see how it goes.  At the moment it's feeling a bit draconian, but that could just be that I don't know the program well yet.  I do still have all my program materials from PointsPlus - so there's nothing stopping me from continuing with that on my own and tracking manually should I decide it's a better fit for me.

Yesterday was a large load off my mind - our choir sang the Christmas cantata we've been rehearsing.  We had a couple of rough bumpy bits, but, by and large, all went well and we didn't fall apart.  I'm glad it's done, though.  Because we didn't get our new director until toward the end of September, we've been playing catch up all fall.

In other news of the day, my last skein of yarn from the 2015 Rockin' Sock Club came today.  It's much better in person than it was in the photos online.  This was the last sock club for me.  I only re-upped for 2015 because they made a big deal about how none of the yarns from this 10th anniversary year would ever be made available to the general public and I didn't want to get left out . . .

Let me preface the following by saying that I LOVE Socks That Rock sock yarns (I have a stash full of them!), but this was probably the worst of the three years I have participated their sock club.  In the past I've usually liked at least half of the skeins (you get six), but this year, not so much.  But, that's part of being in a sock club.  You pays your money and you takes your chances.  :-)   I know now that paying up front for something I can't see, is just not my thing.  I have a pretty big stash of their yarn - I'll be knitting up a lot of those skeins in 2016!  At least that's the plan.

I think I've posted this in years past, but you know how stuff from your childhood is, you never really tire of seeing it again  :-)  Suzy Snowflake was shown on a children's program in Chicagoland called Garfield Goose and Friends every year at Christmastime when I was a kid.  We used to run home from school to be sure to see it - there were no VCRs or DVRs back in the day  :-)

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