Wednesday, December 30, 2015


What a crazy few days it's been. 

I'm a moderator of a great group on Ravelry.  It's called Year of Stash Socks (YOSS).  Three of us moderate the group - Tammy, whom you may recall from the Proverbial Knitter podcast (which has just ended, like mine!), Christa, and me.  Together we are The Friendly Mods (short for Moderators) - or as Tammy likes to say, The Friendly Mod (her), The Friendlier Mod (Christa) and the Friendliest Mod (me).  ;-D

Tammy came up with a great year-long challenge for the group - we call it Rock Around the Sock - and it has completely revitalized our group - and a ton of new people have joined us just so they can participate!  This is great!  However, group members have come up with eleventy billion questions that none of the three of us Mods ever even considered. 

Our concept (Tammy's concept!) was choosing 24 skeins from our respective stashes, and knitting socks from only those 24 for the challenge.  You cannot imagine how many questions we've answered and clarifications we've made in the last few days as the deadline for getting set up draws near.  It's a testament to all three of us that we easily and happily pick up each other's slack in the group as necessary, and man, have we been busy this week  :-D

But tomorrow night is the deadline for participation, and then we start knitting on January 1st.  I will be very glad when the deadline hits and we can lock the thread.  Besides which, I'm excited to knit as part of the challenge.  I have no illusions of getting 24 pairs of socks knit next year - hell, I still have three sweaters on the needles  :-D  But I will knit as many as I can, and I will be challenged to try some patterns as well as blasting out plain vanillas.  I'm looking forward to it!

Here's today's look at the Amaryllis.  It's pretty amazing how fast they grow, isn't it?  I think that soon I'm going to have to change my angle on the shots!

And here's an early New Year's Eve  for you.  It was filmed live in 2012 at Stirling Castle (which I have visited!), it's a great tune, and it has bagpipes and Rod Stewart (my inspiration for my hair  :-D), as well as Kylie Minogue, Michael Buble and some other people I don't know  :-D  But really - Pipes - Rod Stewart - Seriously - what's not to like?  :-)


Kimberlee Rudman said...


The three of you are great at what you do...answering questions, motivating knitters, challenging us, and making us laugh! Thank you so much.

I'm looking forward to RATS in 2016 and have no illusions that I will knit 24 pairs of socks but look forward to the year.

Happy New Year!!! Kim

Ely said...

The challenge is really a great idea, and I look forward to casually looking on, getting inspiration, and making socks in my own time. Alas for not having a large enough stash (?!) to participate officially in even a small way, I think it's pretty awesome that there are still other threads to post in!

A :-) said...

Kim - Thank you and Happy New Year!

Ely - you can knit along in solidarity and totally hang in the Knit What You Want threads!!