Friday, December 4, 2015

Crabby Appleton . . .

This doesn't happen to me very often, but yesterday and today combined in the perfect storm of one infuriating thing after another, and about the only good thing I can say at the moment is that I didn't use a ton of food to calm myself down.

When I was little, there was a cartoon with a character Crabby Appleton.  This is a name that everyone in my family has used for ever whenever anyone is crabby.   Skip to 3:02 and you'll meet him!

I wrote to a friend today that I absolutely felt like Taurus the Bull with a red flag waving in my face at every turn.  Holy Mother of GOD I was crabby all fricking day LONG.

I even did a relaxation meditation during my lunch hour in an attempt to calm myself down.  It helped.  A little.

I have some shrimp defrosting and I'm about to saute them and have them for dinner.  I'm not answering the phone tonight.  Talk amongst yourselves and take a trip back to the 70s on me and on this rockin' base line.  I'll be back tomorrow when I'm not so crabby.


Michelle said...

It happens; you're human. But YAY for not binge-eating!!!

Anonymous said...

You could always start a second career writing cards as Maxine for Shoebox Greetings! :)

We all have those days. We let things go, they build up and then all of sudden we need a release. Crankiness appears. You're not cranky ALL the time. Your sense of humor does step in and save you. Something will make you smile and you'll forget what a Crabby Appletree you've been.

And congrats on losing weight. Keep up the good work!!

Janice H.

A :-) said...

Thanks you guys!

In truth, I'm very very rarely that crabby. I have the good fortune to actually know when I'm crabby, so at least I can warn people :-D