Saturday, December 5, 2015

December Field Report . . .

I have to say that it feels very odd to not be scrambling to get a podcast ready for release tomorrow.  I keep feeling like I should be working on show notes, or shooting the look at what's on the stands - and I keep thinking I need to go run and fix my hair and put on a face of makeup to get ready to sit down in front of the camera.  I know these things will fade for me in time.

I do miss the podcast - it was very much a part of me for the better part of two and half years.  I continue to hear from many would would have preferred that I kept going.  But, I'm done and I know that I am already grateful for the time that I have back in my life already.  Today, after my WW meeting, I managed to get to the store and mega-shop.  There was pretty much no food in the house, which was part of why I was so crabby yesterday, I think.  I had managed to not take my lunch with me at least three days this past week.  Not good.

And, today's shop was about $170.  Well over my first half of the month's $100.  I did have to get two CFL light bulbs, though, so that was about $17 of that total.  So, I spent more than I normally would have, but I have planned to make a lasagna for dinner tonight and then freeze servings, and I got the giant economy size of ground round again, so I can freeze three single pound blobs of that.  I also got some individually frozen boneless, skinless chicken boobs and there were 14 of them in the box, so that should last for quite some time - at least I will pretty much always have some chicken on hand, which is a good thing.  I still have not managed to make some Salmon Cakes - so that's on my list to do, as well.  And I feel like I actually might have the energy to do, if not all, then most of these things.

I also managed to get some Christmas present stuff done today, and I hoofed it over to the Post Office to mail them, and then hoofed it around the retention pond before I came back home.  Oh - and I've made a small dent in my office this week.  Clearly I needed this time.  So, although I will feel like I still have to produce the podcast for a little while longer, I'm sure, I know that I have given myself the gift of time in this Advent season.  It's probably the best thing I could have done for myself  :-)

Weight Watchers continues to go well even though they seem to have a complete inability to embrace sharp technology.  I can complain all I want, but it's likely not going to make any difference to them.  And I'm not letting it stop me.  If I have to use a paper tracker to keep things going for myself, then I will.  As I think I've mentioned before, it appears that one of the biggest changes will be in how they are handling Activity Points.  I always ate mine - and I would work out so I could eat a little more.  I can't figure out the changes so I'm still doing my own thing with that and am hopeful that all will be revealed next Saturday.  I'll be among the last to have the program rolled out because of my Saturday meeting.  I'll be doing a lot of reading this week about the new program, however.

One of the things  I've done this time on program is to create a reward system for myself that doesn't involve food.  Every time I "break" a 10 (go from the 40s into the 30s, for example), I get to get an iTunes download.  For every 10 pounds that I lose, I get to get a Kindle book.  :-)   I have other rewards set up for further down the line, too.  One of my friends said those things would not be very motivating to her.  I reminded her that these are things that are not really in my budget any longer, so for me to get them is a pretty big deal.  Been sitting here listening to my Santa Tell Me download over and over as I've been writing :-)  I'm all happy  :-)  It's such a great tune and if I hadn't already shared it with you, I'd share it now.  Instead, here is the latest from Home Free.  They are amazing and this is a tremendous arrangement - no autotune here, just awesomely talented musician.  Enjoy  :-)

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