Thursday, December 3, 2015

Weight Watchers Technology FAIL . . .

Well, that didn't take long.  Apparently Weight Watchers shut down the old tracking app - before the new program is even launched.  This is shitty, and here's why:

::::: Rant Mode:  ON:::::

First - as mentioned already, the new program hasn't even been launched yet.  It launches on Sunday this week.  I'm still on the old program.  I will BE on the old program until NEXT Saturday because that's when my week starks.

Second - I was forced to update the app on my Android phone, and the new Android app DOESN'T WORK.  It just keeps telling me that it's no longer supported and I should go out to the Google Play Store and update . . . . can you see the steam coming out of my ears?

Third - I've been attempting UNSUCCESSFULLY to download the update on to my iPod Touch for well over an hour.  It, apparently, doesn't work either.  They just posted that you have to have iOS 8 for it to work.  Well, I have iOS 9.1 and it still won't even download.

In my experience, Weight Watchers has NEVER been good with technology.  They've been soliciting feedback on the new site for weeks - and I have sent my fair share of it.  I'm now at the end of my rope and, as Eleanor Roosevelt said, I'm tying a knot in it and holding on.

Here is the feedback I sent Weight Watchers today:

It was really crappy of you to shut down the old app completely when the new program isn't even rolled out yet, particularly since the new app DOESN'T WORK.  My Android phone downloaded the update and all it will say is that the NEW app is - apparently also no longer supported and I should go back to the Google Play Store.   
I'd tell you about my iPod Touch, but it's now going on an HOUR for the update to download.
REALLY????  I've been really, really patient with you guys - you've NEVER been at the forefront of technology, but this is a joke now and I'm seriously irritated.  It took me THREE PEOPLE and 15 MINUTES  using your 24/7 chat feature to get a simple yes/no answer to a very simple question.   What are you guys doing there???  A letter from the Chairman of the largest weight loss organization in the WORLD asking us to be patient is a joke.  You should have either started sooner, or put off your new project launch.  I cannot even tell you how many people on various online forums are saying that they're going to leave over this.  It's not rocket science, you guys.  PLEASE FIX THIS.  NOW.
I am so fricking irritated.  Can you tell?  I suppose they've just been asking for feedback for the fun of it.  I don't think anyone reads any of it, because I certainly don't see any changes from anything I've sent.  So, probably no one will read this . . . but I'm now so frustrated that I'm considering putting this on FB and Twitter and seeing if it will go viral and shame them into fixing this mess - except, of course, that it won't, because I would have to have a lot of followers to be able to do that, and since I've only tweeted one time so far.  Which would be funny if I wasn't so mad right now. . .

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Linda said...

:-( Sorry I wasn't able to connect with you yesterday to answer your Twitter questions. I wasn't even aware you have a Twitter account. I've often found customer service through Twitter is much better than calling a company or using their online chat help, so it's good for you to reach out to them that way.

It does sound like WW is very behind the times when it comes to tech. Apps are essential these days, and such a large organization should be able to release one without so many problems.