Saturday, December 19, 2015

Crazypants . . .

Every time I think I'm going to drop back my posting from daily to something more reasonable, like weekly, something happens that I need to work through in words on the page.

I was already feeling unsettled (see yesterday's post . . . ), and then I opened Thursday's mail.  Lo and behold:  A letter from my health insurance carrier stating that I had been switched to an HMO and needed to pick a participating practice organization.


Um . . . NO.

That entailed a panicked call to Human Resources as soon at I got to work yesterday.  It was a mistake, thankfully.  A bunch of people got the letters in error and HR told me they are working on it and not to worry.  That was a relief.

Next up on the docket yesterday I had one of my cousins calling about getting his late mother's old steamer trunk out of my garage on Christmas day.  Let's talk about boundaries here for a minute . . .

He said he would have it out of my garage by Christmas, and I was fine with that because I've told both he and his brother repeatedly that my garage is not climate controlled and the stuff in the trunk is old and fragile, but then he said I could just put it in my car and bring it over to him at another cousin's house.

I don't think so.

I said no, that if he wants it, he should be at my house by 11:15 on Christmas to pick it up because I'm leaving to go to the other cousin's not later than 11:45.  Well, that was apparently more than he could stand - to be pinned down to a specific time for something. So, I suggested that he call his brother.  So he called his brother, who also refused and said it wouldn't fit in his car (my old car).  So the first one calls me back and starts in with the  "That's your old car - won't it fit?  Do you know why he won't help me? Don't you have any idea about why he won't help me?"  And I'm thinking to myself, "Really Universe?  Don't I have enough crazypants stuff going on already??"  So I then suggested he call his nephew who has a pickup truck.  He said that's what his brother said, too.

Well, what do you know!  Surprise, surprise . . .

You have no idea how hard it is for me to hold my boundaries with this particular cousin, besides which, I really want that trunk out of my garage.  It's one of my personal quirks that I want everyone's crap out of my living space, including his brother's tools that have been hanging out in my garage for at least two years (he already got his stuff out of my basement under duress back in January in preparation for the basement construction).  We left it that he would figure something out and would be at my house by 11:15 (which all of a sudden didn't seem like such a hardship, apparently) on Christmas.

And, as usual, if I just wait a bit and not give in, everything falls into place.  I got a call tonight from his brother (he apparently had a change of heart) asking would I please measure the trunk to see if it would fit in the back of my old car . . .  so I'll be doing that tomorrow morning when it's not so cold.

Crazypants, I'm telling you.  Just plain crazypants around here  :-D


Anonymous said...

Nothing like family. They can make you happy to be part of the clan and then there are days you wish you were an orphan. Ya gotta love 'em! Well, maybe you don't gotta. As my Grandma used to say, use 'em up the way they come.

I received a similar letter from my insurance company, except they were telling me that they were no longer offering service in my part of the state as of the end of the year. What??! This well known insurance company isn't making any money with the government Marketplace. There are too many ill people buying the insurance they so desperately need and not enough well people to balance the books for the insurance company.

Thank goodness your letter was a mistake. But it looks like the future of health insurance is going to be interesting.

Janice H.

A :-) said...

Thankfully I love both of them very much - even when they are driving me wild :-D

I'm really sorry about your insurance - I hope you will be able to find another carrier. Overall I believe that the Affordable Care Act is working as it should - it's all going to equal out soon. But I know that's not helpful when your coverage is no longer available. I am grateful that my letter was a mistake.

Michelle said...

Yep, the craziest things we have to deal with wear pants (I'm talking humans, not just males). Someone posted on FB, "There's a full moon this Christmas – as if combining family members and alcohol weren't bad enough." Ha! Glad we don't drink, and maybe fortunate that we won't be spending this Christmas with any family members but church members . . . only, they are crazypants humans, too.