Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's Just Another New Year's Eve . . .

Yes, I'm home.  In my jams.  Alone.  On New Year's Eve.  It's OK.  I've never been a big one for New Year's.  It's amateur night out on the roads, and I'm just as happy to be home safe and sound.

Had a lovely afternoon at my cousin K's.  On Christmas she asked me for some new Irish Hiking Armwarmers.  I love knitting for her - she wears every single thing I make her.  As mentioned previously, she runs the garden center in a large big box store, and she's outside a lot.  I made this longer than the last pair so that her arms will really stay warm  :-)

The yarn is Fiesta Baby Boom in the Clematis colorway  :-)  I've enough to make her another pair - I think I'll just do that and put them away for the next time she needs some.

And here is today's look at the Amaryllis  :-) 

The YOSS Challenge closes in an hour.  The local freshmarket is carrying Jeni's Ice Cream again (and yes, I got some :-D ).  The dishwasher is running.

7:48 and all is well . . .  :-)

Been a long time since I posted this one . . .

Happy New Year!


Ely said...

Happy New Year! And yes, All is well with staying warm and snuggled in. I took a walk in the early evening and thought about the past, but then looking down at my sleeping baby in the carrier, I was reminded to give gratitude for the present.

Michelle said...

Happy New Year to you! I am delighted to be home alone right now. Rick and Brian left for game night at the church while a friend was still here visiting, then she left and it's just me, the Christmas lights, the fire, and the dogs -- a welcome respite!

A :-) said...

Ely - Happy New Year!! All good things to you and your beautiful family :-)

Michelle - Happy peaceful New Year :-)